10 Days Flashing Smiley Face Pregnant

As I would ovulate between cd18 and cd22, I used to get them for 6–8 days. I gave up using them and had the cheapies instead.

I tested using the clear blue digital ovulation test for the first time yesterday and received a low result; today, I received a flashing smiley. Just curious how long it takes on average for you to see the flashing smiley before receiving your static smiley.

I just started using them this month too. I had four days of the flashy face and one day of low. The flashy face gets irritating after day 2.

I experienced flashing smileys on CD13, CD14, and CD15, but I stopped testing after performing a trigger shot. I believe that if I had waited to ovulate naturally, I would have experienced a second flashing smiley on CD16 and a peak on CD17.

Hello, this is my first month using them “properly,” and I had two days with flashing smileys and a static smiley on the third day. I double-checked with a low-cost opk, and that result was also positive, but I’m really perplexed by mine. I’ve used these clear blue ones a few times, but I typically reserve using them for when my natural cycles app instructs me to test (2–3 days before my anticipated ovulation). Usually, I get the same pattern, with 2 days flashing and 1 day static. This month, I started testing 20 days before my period was due as directed by clear blue. Wish there was a clear yes or no test for us to use to eliminate the guesswork and worry that you’ve missed it. My natural cycles app, which is usually really accurate for predicting my AF, says I’m ovulating 4 days early this month.

Check Your Medications Before Pregnancy

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I received my plain smiley on day 6 of the last few cycles; I’m now on day 10 and it’s still flashing. Anyone have knowledge of the typical day for receiving a simple smiley? I’ve been attempting BBT, but it is so inaccurate that it is impossible to follow every day at the same time, and I don’t always get 3 uninterrupted hours of sleep. I have gone through so many tests and have been testing morning and late afternoon, has anyone gotten a plain smiley after so many flashing ones? Advertisement | page continues below.

Why have my ovulation tests been positive for 10 days in a row?

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