12 Weeks Pregnant With Back Pain

Why you can suffer from lower back pain when you’re only a few weeks pregnant:

The uterus is housed within the pelvic bones when you are not pregnant and for the first third or so of pregnancy.

We’ve included a picture of the bony pelvis so you can get an idea of what this means because many women aren’t exactly sure what it means. Your uterus normally resides here when you are not pregnant or during the first three months of pregnancy, can you see the ‘hollow’ area in the middle of the ring of the pelvic bones?

Your uterus will start to grow in size from the time of implantation and will do so very gradually each day. This growth will displace the structures that surround the uterus because everything fits quite snugly in this bony ring. As a result, those structures may start to put pressure on other nearby structures.

Your bowel and bladder are the two organs that are most closely related to the uterus. The pressure on these is what’s causing all of those extra bathroom visits you probably weren’t expecting yet, as well as why some pregnant women experience lower back pain at such an early stage.

How common is back pain during pregnancy?

Lower back pain, especially lumbar and posterior pelvic pain, affects more than 60% of pregnant women (see below).

Early on in your pregnancy, you may experience back pain, but it typically begins in the second half and can worsen over time. Although it might last after the birth of your child, postpartum back pain typically goes away within a few months.

Get in touch if you experience any of these symptoms. We can provide pain relief and give you useful advice on how to deal with these symptoms.

Yes, even I, a chiropractor, have experienced lower back pain and/or coccyx pain, and it has taught me invaluable lessons about how to listen to my body as well as how to comprehend the bodies of my patients. I now have even more empathy!.

I feel like a horse has kicked me in the butt because of my pain. Currently, it is more intermittent, but at its worst it lasted two weeks. People are willing to give up their chairs for the pregnant woman since we have been sharing our wonderful news with everyone. Since sitting for more than five minutes makes things 20 times worse, I must politely decline.

Gentle exercise, including walking, yoga, swimming and pilates. Exercises with a gym ball (a vlog demonstrating these will be posted soon) My gluteals got a light tennis ball massage, and I did some light hip flexor stretches.

Since the scan letter instructed me to have a full bladder for this appointment, I dutifully complied. First scan I’ll be honest, I was really nervous. What if I completely imagined it and I wasn’t pregnant? When the sonographer popped the ultrasound wand on my belly, she said my bladder was too full and could I go and have a 10 second wee. Do you know how hard that is!? Anyway, job done, and we were finally able to see our little baby. I was busting when we arrived, only to have to wait another 15 minutes for the appointment. What a relief to discover there was a baby there, and everything appeared to be perfect. With the knowledge that this little bundle of joy will be joining us sometime in the summer, we are overjoyed and eager for the year to come.

Preventing Back and Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy

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