Insomnia before labor: Causes and how to cope

What Do True Labor Contractions Feel Like?

For me, the contractions didnt hurt all that bad. I could feel my uterus tightening from the muscles surrounding my uterus and on the outside of my stomach, where there wasn’t much “padding.” Though they squeezed, it still didnt hurt too bad. It was like having a severe stomachache that came and went. But roughly every 10 or 15 minutes, I would experience a contraction that would cause me to lose consciousness. I discovered that I had to breathe deeply during contractions even though there was no pain. I decided it was time to visit the doctor when the contractions began to space out by about 10 minutes, though they weren’t entirely regular. The doctor confirmed that I was in active labor.

“False labor” contractions are also known as Braxton Hicks contractions. Women claim that these sporadic (not daily) contractions resemble menstrual cramps. Over time, these cramps don’t get worse, happen more frequently, or last longer. It is perfectly normal to experience cramps like these during the third trimester or as early as the second trimester, and the contractions may come and go with a change in position. These contractions are not a sign of approaching labor.

Extreme Fatigue and Exhaustion, Then a Sudden Burst of Energy

During the last two weeks before labor, I was constantly exhausted, but I could only sleep for four to six hours at a time. My body was so worn out that it essentially refused to do any type of work, even standing up. But strangely, I would occasionally experience bursts of energy and excitement. My body was probably exhibiting “nesting syndrome” in preparation for the baby’s arrival.

Even though I had little sleep and was constantly exhausted, I occasionally felt the urge to get up and work or clean the house. Something inside me insisted that things needed to be done. This nesting instinct is present in many animals, including humans. Right before giving birth, mothers frequently feel the urge to get their home ready for a new baby. It is typical for a woman to feel pressure to paint, organize, or clean the nursery. Personally, I could only exert myself so much before I needed to rest once more, but I followed my instincts anyway because I knew that fighting them wouldn’t help.

After using the restroom, some women leave a glob of mucus in the bowl, while others find mucus on their underwear or while wiping.

Lower back pain that radiates to your pelvis area and gets worse when labor is 24 to 48 hours away Changing positions doesn’t help, and regrettably, the discomfort frequently lasts until after delivery.

Contrarily, real contractions are more intense, more frequent, and can last for more than a minute. You can anticipate labor to start in one to two days once contractions start happening every four to five minutes.

You might begin to prepare the nursery, clean up the house, and organize everything. However, your body may enter a panic mode 24 to 48 hours prior to labor, in which case you experience a sudden jolt of energy and an increased desire to clean and organize.

This isn’t fat loss, though. Instead it’s your body shedding excess water weight. When your pregnancy is nearing its end, your amniotic fluid may begin to decrease, and you may experience increased urination as your “baby drops” in anticipation of labor.

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