Use of ADHD Medicine is Increasing among Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is an exciting time for many women and their families, however, it can also be a stressful time with many unknowns. For women who have been prescribed Adderall or other stimulants prior to becoming pregnant, the decision of whether or not to continue taking them during the first trimester of pregnancy can be a difficult one. Adderall and other stimulants have been linked to various pregnancy complications, and the research around their use during the first trimester is still developing. In this blog post, we will discuss the potential risks and benefits associated with taking Adderall during the first trimester of pregnancy, as well as the importance of having an open and honest dialogue with your doctor about any medications you are currently taking. By understanding the potential risks and benefits, you can make an informed decision about continuing to take Adderall and other stimulants during your first trimester of pregnancy.

And if you’re struggling with a dependency on Adderall, know that you’re not alone and there’s no shame in it. Take action as soon as possible. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration’s helpline is a free, confidential resource that offers 24/7 help every day of the year.

Even though being pregnant is a time of anticipation and excitement, there can be a tendency to think that there are many things you shouldn’t do, such as not consume alcohol, eat sushi (myth debunked), or soak in the hot tub (even though it would feel so good). You might wonder if “don’t take your medication” is on the list when you first become pregnant.

Finally, it’s possible that your physician will determine that the advantages of continuing to take Adderall outweigh the risks of stopping it. If so, you might simply have more examinations and scans performed throughout your pregnancy to ensure that the baby is healthy and developing normally.

Despite this general guidance, though, there may be certain situations where taking Adderall during pregnancy could be the best choice. “Given the side effects, a pregnant woman would only take Adderall if the benefits outweighed the risks to the baby,” explains Dr. Sherry A. Ross, an OB-GYN at Providence Saint John’s Medical Center in Santa Monica, California.

Generally speaking, advice regarding Adderall and trying to get pregnant is the same. “I always advise an ADHD patient to stop taking Adderall before trying to conceive,” says Dr. Ross. Adderall is a category C drug, so it can only be used before becoming pregnant if the advantages to the mother outweigh the risks to the unborn child. ”.

The Use of Adderall During Pregnancy

Adderall, like many prescription drugs, is not thought to be safe to use while pregnant. The risk of birth defects, miscarriage, and premature birth may be increased by Adderall, according to scant evidence. But numerous studies have also demonstrated that Adderall is not linked to a higher risk of congenital heart defects. Doctors may prescribe Adderall to treat ADHD, or for a shorter period of time, during which time an alternative treatment can be found, as it does not appear to pose a significant risk during pregnancy.

Risks of taking Adderall During Pregnancy

Adderall can have a variety of side effects, both immediate and long-term, similar to many other stimulants. The short-term risks of taking Adderall include: Excessive sleeping.

Long-term risks of taking Adderall during pregnancy include:

  • Physical growth restriction in the baby
  • Hyperactivity in the baby after birth
  • Learning disabilities in the baby after birth
  • Increased impulsiveness in the baby after birth
  • FAQ

    What happens if you take Adderall in early pregnancy?

    The study also found that women who took ADHD medicine during early pregnancy may be more likely to have a baby with some types of birth defects compared to women who did not take ADHD medicine. This is among the first few studies to look at ADHD medicine use among pregnant women and risk for individual birth defects.

    When should you stop taking Adderall during pregnancy?

    Women with ADHD who become pregnant must decide whether to remain on medication or cease taking their Adderall or Vyvanse or other prescription for at least nine months. For women hoping to breastfeed, this decision may impact life — for the mother, the child, and the rest of the family — for two years or more.

    Can you have a miscarriage from taking Adderall?

    Experts emphasize that a woman should always speak with her own doctor and weigh the benefits of staying on or stopping medication. Researchers have observed, however, that there doesn’t appear to be a substantial risk of birth defects or miscarriage for women who are prescribed amphetamine-based medications.

    Can taking Adderall while pregnant cause birth defects?

    We observed statistically significant associations between any early pregnancy ADHD medication use and increased risk for gastroschisis, omphalocele, and transverse limb deficiency. These findings persisted when examining any early pregnancy stimulant ADHD medication use only.

    Adderall & Pregnancy. Is it safe?

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