Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Instagram

Wondering how to announce your pregnancy on Facebook?

Decide when you’ll announce, then how you’ll announce it.

Here are some creative pregnancy announcement ideas.

You can announce with:

  • a pregnancy announcement quote
  • an adorable or funny photo
  • a video
  • And don’t just document your baby bump now!

    Use these printable pregnancy milestone cards to remember to take pictures every month or every week.

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    You can make your pregnancy known in writing in a variety of ways, but it’s critical that your Facebook pregnancy announcement wording is appropriate.

    You might want a jokey announcement quote, one that will make everyone cry, or a puzzling pregnancy announcement riddle.

    You might want to use a cute social media post to share your pregnancy news, or you might think the cheesier the better!

    The simplest way to share your big surprise is to simply post a quick quote on social media, but it can be just as special as any other announcement.

    There’s no wrong way to share.

  • Guess what’s cooking in our oven? (Hint: It’s not cookies!)
  • A great adventure is about to begin… Baby number ______ due in (due date month and year).
  • What is tiny, is causing me a lot of grief, and will make its appearance in (due date month and year)? Our new addition!
  • I like big bumps and I cannot lie!
  • Roses are red, love is sweet, or family is growing by two tiny feet.
  • I quit drinking (for the next nine months)
  • We decided we are tired of sleeping in every day and doing whatever we want.
  • The single life was fun, married life is rad, but now comes the best adventure, becoming mom and dad.
  • Adding a little more love to our family.
  • You can stop asking when we’re going to have a baby now (with a picture of the positive pregnancy test).
  • Here we grow again…
  • Out of difficulties, grow miracles (perfect for announcing the upcoming birth of a rainbow baby)
  • Need more? I’ve got:

    When should I announce my pregnancy on Facebook?

    Due to the possibility of miscarriage, some women choose to delay their announcement.

    Go ahead and announce to all of your Facebook friends if you are comfortable doing so before the riskiest time frame (the first twelve weeks) has passed.

    Just tell those closest to you in person first.

    2 Movie or Show Theme Pregnancy Announcement

    Use your favorite movie or television show as inspiration for your pregnancy announcement if you are a big fan of it.

    Great idea for a family with a Star Wars Obsession. To announce your pregnancy, all you need are Darth Vader masks and a message board.

    Pregnancy Announcement Ideas – Creative Ways to Announce You’re Expecting A Baby!

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