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Is Katie Maloney-Schwartz pregnant? The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star and Tom opened up about their fertility journey on the show.

Despite not being prepared to be parents in the show’s early seasons, Tom and Katie revealed their desire to have children in Season 9. Katie and Tom revealed that they had an abortion ten years earlier, when they were first dating, as they met with medical professionals to learn more about their fertility.

The couple gave an explanation of their decision to speak openly about their past experience in front of the cameras during the VPR Season 9 reunion.

Katie said, “I mean, these were the kinds of questions that were going to come up when we were deciding to open up about our fertility and going to the fertility doctor.” “I don’t think we should be afraid to talk about these things that can feel isolating and off-limits,” you said. I believe they deserve more attention, and I merely wanted to do what felt right. “Article continues below advertisement.

Katie and Tom had never disclosed their abortion to friends or family members before discussing it on the show.

“It was not a hasty or simple decision, but it was our decision,” Tom continued.

It doesn’t appear that Katie is pregnant right now because the couple hasn’t provided any more information about their efforts to conceive.

Katie Maloney-Schwartz knew the doctor would ask if she had been pregnant in the past

According to Maloney-Schwartz, the fertility specialist would inquire about prior pregnancies. She explains to Schwartz, “I was filling out the paperwork and it was asking about like if you had ever been pregnant before.” “So like that’s definitely gonna come up in our consultation. Schwartz tells his wife that he believes they made the best choice given their current situation. Approximately ten years ago, Katie from Vanderpump Rules revealed she had been pregnant.

“It was so early in our relationship,” Maloney-Schwartz replies. And we were so unsure of our future,” Schwartz interrupts. We were uncertain about the next day. Maloney-Schwartz concurs, saying she wanted children but “just knew that was not the time in my life to have them. ”.

As she and her husband Tom are taking things at their “own pace” in terms of starting a family, Katie added on the episode that she is “tired of being asked that… and tired of answering that.”

In a You’re Gonna Love Me podcast episode, Katie reflected on the interaction and said it felt “invasive.” ”.

Tom admitted to slacking on their attempts to conceive after talking about their fertility issues during Vanderpump Rules season nine and the abortion Katie had early in their relationship. He then predicted that Katie will be an “incredible mom” one day.

Due to a paperwork error involving their initial big day, Tom and Katie were remarried in Las Vegas in 2019 after getting hitched in California in August 2016.

“Well, are you guys going to see a fertility doctor? Did you even try? Lisa asks me as we’re talking, and I understand where she’s coming from with that question. It was coming from a good place. Because it’s like, “Yes, I tried,” it can, however, feel very invasive and invalidating. Of course we tried,’” Katie explained. “I understand that people want to know, but it’s rude,” It just comes across as rude. ”.

Katie and Tom Schwartz Discuss Potential Fertility Issues | Vanderpump Rules (S9 E5)

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