Why Are Men Attracted To Pregnant Women? (13 Possible Reasons)

For the record, I read through almost 1,000 comments, and by and large the majority were raving about pregnancy and professing an abundance of love – some of which were so enthused about blossoming bodies they bordered on adult content unfit for work! I included many of the heartwarming comments here, but also sought out a few opposing viewpoints for the sake of variety.

Though I wish I had been one of the tiny expectant wives whose husband thought she was absolutely adorable, I suppose I can at least respect my own man’s sincerity. Those of you whose husbands say you’re gorgeous/just as beautiful/sexier than before really ought to take their word for it and enjoy it, if there’s anything to be learned from what the dads of Reddit shared!

The sexiest thing in the world is when you realize that a woman has sacrificed her body for you. When it’s your wife, girlfriend, or significant other and your child, it is just a thing of raw, powerful beauty that I have never thought of pregnant women as attractive for being pregnant. “.

For the first four months, my wife vomited nonstop to the point where we had to keep a bucket in every room of the house she would be in. Then she vomited more. All she could eat was lime popsicles. To ensure that she and my first girl would not perish, it required medical care and all of the universe’s patience. I was basically grateful for her to be alive. I had terrible memories of her for months after giving birth because she was not at all seductive. Every time she would puke I was there holding her. “.

“My wife is 8. 5 months pregnant. she’s never had the Supermodel body, but she’s still gorgeous. Yes, these parts may seem unattractive, but it’s all a part of the process, and in my opinion, she is more beautiful than ever. Her personality is more endearing than her appearance, and it hasn’t altered how stunning her eyes are. “.

It’s competitive

It’s in a man’s DNA to spread his seed. It’s in their biology to perpetuate themselves by impregnating women. When they see another man has staked out a woman’s womb, men sometimes experience an odd sense of competition. Despite the fact that they are obviously unable to do so at this time because she is already pregnant, they are still pursuing her as a diabolical form of competition.

A full figure

Simply put, when a woman is pregnant, they appear more voluptuous and have larger breasts and butts. In contrast to a body that is extremely thin, men are more drawn to bodies that appear curvy and fertile.


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