11 Best Books to Read During Pregnancy in 2022

1,000 Questions About Your Pregnancy, Jeffrey Thurston

Best For: Educated parents seeking clinically supported responses to frequently asked questions about pregnancy.

Because it provides analytical yet accessible answers to so many crucial questions, OBs frequently suggest this book to their patients. You can read the “1,000 questions” as a narrative of fetal development and physical changes/ailments.

In addition, you can use it as a reference guide to find trustworthy responses to inquiries like, “Is it safe to take a decongestant in the second trimester?” (Do you really want to call your OB every time you have a straightforward inquiry because you don’t trust idiots on Yahoo answers to know the truth? Hmmmm, no. ).

Thurston addresses you in a conversational, pragmatic, non-preachy, and appropriately humorous manner, as if you are an intelligent adult. An absolute must-have, in my opinion.

Best For: People looking for fair and unbiased information on topics like breastfeeding, childbirth, etc. who only want to purchase ONE comprehensive book (that covers pregnancy, labor, and early infancy).

This well-known pregnancy author’s (and doula) book, written by a group of qualified female childbirth educators, is another one that is data-rich.

This is a wonderful book that allows for a thorough discussion of all facets of pregnancy and delivery while taking into account a woman’s specific needs and those of her family. The majority of other books do not cover practical topics like choosing a birth center, hospital, or healthcare provider, creating your birth plan, or caring for an infant.

Over 10,000 babies have been delivered with Penny’s assistance throughout her life.

This book is a must-have if you’re looking for an all-in-one resource.

Awesome Pregnancy Books That I Can’t Think of a Category For

The majority of books fit neatly into categories, but some books sort of deviate from the norm, which makes them especially awesome. These are just a few of them.

Best Book For Reading In Pregnancy

This book answers some of the intriguing questions about pregnancy, such as: Why are your dreams more vivid? Why do skinny chicks have more daughters? Do fidgety fetuses become feisty babies? Where does maternal instinct come from? It skips all the your-baby-is-the-size-of-an-avocado stuff instead.

It’s the ideal blend of a fascinating and simple read, which is difficult to achieve in the world of pregnancy books.

Best Book For Reading In Pregnancy

Before I had kids, I used to watch Alyson Schafer on TV, and I would use her advice when I would watch kids because it always worked. I decided to pick up this book when I saw it, and it’s incredible. I wish I had read it when my children were young (or when I was pregnant), so I would have known how to handle particular difficulties right away. Some people might think it’s a little too kid-focused, but I thought the book was really uplifting and easy to read.

Books For Working Moms

The workplace is very different for new mothers than it ever was, from figuring out how to get everyone ready in the morning to balancing yourself on a toilet seat to pump during your lunch break. Although it may initially appear to be impossible to navigate, rest assured that many moms have done it and rocked the shit out of it, and you can too. Before returning to work, reading up on some of the typical queries and worries that women have can be very beneficial in reducing any anxiety feelings you may be experiencing. Oh, and while you’re at it, get rid of your working mom guilt because nobody has time for that.

Best Book For Reading In Pregnancy

Jessica Shortall has some tips, tricks, and advice to share in a supportive, frequently humorous, and completely non-judgmental manner if you’re already trying to figure out how the hell you’re going to find the time and space to pump at work.

Best Book For Reading In Pregnancy

Get a copy of this book if returning to work after having a baby seems at least overwhelming. Brody has a ton of helpful, well-researched, and simple-to-read advice for working as a mother again.

Best Book For Reading In Pregnancy

This book is a fantastic road map for mothers who are passionate about both their careers and their families for the sometimes rocky road that lies ahead. Juggling infants, bottles, and business plans requires a lot of practical thought, but it is possible (and by golly, you’re going to do it, you badass mama you).

Despite how you might feel, you won’t remember every moment of your pregnancy. These wonderful pregnancy diaries aren’t overly time-consuming or frilly.

Best Book For Reading In Pregnancy

This week-by-week pregnancy journal includes adorable illustrations, amusing prompts, humorous commentary, and lots of space to record information about everything from the smallest pregnancy moments to the biggest milestones, as well as places to include photos. This journal has received numerous “quirky” reviews from female readers, so if you’re looking for something a little unusual, this is a great choice.

Best Book For Reading In Pregnancy

This book’s subtitle, “Write down the weird and wondrous details, so you can look back on pregnancy fondly—or just guilt trip your kid later,” couldn’t be more appropriate. There is space for you to record all of your pregnancy memories as well as tips on how to get through each trimester as well as inspirational quotes from famous parents like Kristen Bell and Beyoncé.

Best Book For Reading In Pregnancy

Keep your sanity as you come up with a ton of topics to write about both you and your baby. You can write about anything you want or anything your child does whenever you want in this unstructured baby memory book. No need to worry about missing a day because you were too exhausted!

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