Can You Eat Corned Beef While Pregnant? [2022]

Pregnancy is a time of joy and excitement, but it can also be a time of many questions and worries. One common query among expecting mothers is whether it is safe to eat corned beef while pregnant. As with most dietary decisions during pregnancy, the answer is not a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Understanding the potential risks and benefits of incorporating corned beef into your diet during pregnancy is key to making the right decision for you and your baby. This blog post will help expectant mothers to become better informed about corned beef and pregnancy, so they can make an educated decision about whether they should enjoy this tasty dish while expecting.

Craving corned beef during pregnancy

Craving corned beef during pregnancy isn’t unusual.

In the middle of the night, I frequently developed a craving for corned beef hash or a corned beef sandwich.

It’s crucial to use traditional cooked corned beef for your sandwich rather than corned beef deli meat.

Deli meat should not be eaten during pregnancy.

The same rules apply if you’re making corned beef hash.

Pregnant women are advised to consume canned corned beef hash, but it must be heated or cooked to 165 degrees.

I’m not sure if my frequent cravings for salty foods were caused by pregnancy or by the salty brine that the meat is cooked in.

Can I Eat Corned Beef While Pregnant

Corned beef isn’t the best option for you while you’re pregnant, even if you heat it to the recommended temperature or thoroughly cook it on your own. With more than 16 grams of total fat in each 3-ounce serving, cooked corned beef is fatty. Additionally, each serving has 827 milligrams of sodium, which is almost 36% of the daily limit for healthy adults, including pregnant women. Your risk of developing obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure can rise if you consume too much fat and sodium in your diet. Stick to skinless poultry, low-mercury seafood, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and lean cuts of meat as alternatives to corned beef.

Cold corned beef sold at deli counters or in commercial lunch meat packages is not recommended for pregnant women to consume. Avoid eating cold corned beef sandwiches from vending machines, lunch counters, or restaurants. All cold deli meats, including corned beef, are susceptible to Listeria monocytogenes bacteria contamination before, during, or after being kept in a display case for a protracted period of time. To kill the bacteria, deli corned beef must be heated to steaming, or about 165 degrees Fahrenheit, if you decide to consume it.

To reduce the risk of food-borne illnesses or contamination that could harm the unborn child, the American Pregnancy Association advises women to avoid consuming certain products while they are pregnant. This list includes some types of corned beef, but not all of them. Before consuming any food that you believe may increase your risk of medical complications while pregnant, speak with your doctor.

Pregnant women are safe to consume fresh corned beef that has been thoroughly roasted, braised, grilled, or prepared in a slow cooker because heat kills the Listeria bacteria. The internal temperature of the beef should be between 160 and 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep leftovers in the refrigerator as soon as possible for up to three to four days, being careful not to let the raw juices contaminate clean utensils or plates. Leftovers may also be frozen for two to six months. Reheat leftover corned beef to 160 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit before eating.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, eating commercially canned corned beef hash and other canned meat spreads containing corned meats is safe during pregnancy. S. Department of Health and Human Services. Just remember to cook the hash until it is thoroughly heated, to store any leftovers in the refrigerator in an airtight container rather than a can, and to reheat any leftovers before eating. Pregnant women may also consume homemade corned beef hash made with ingredients like cooked corned beef, potatoes, onions, and peppers as long as the beef is cooked medium-well or well-done.

Is corned beef considered deli meat?

They do sell cold corned beef at the deli counter.

Cold cuts and deli meats should not be consumed while pregnant.

Home-cooked corned beef, such as that found in the classic corned beef and cabbage dinner, is not regarded as deli meat.

It is considered safe to eat as long as you cook it to a temperature of 165 degrees.


Can you eat slow cooked corned beef when pregnant?

Can you eat ham or corned beef when you’re pregnant? The NHS advises that pre-cooked, pre-packaged meat such as ham and corned beef are safe to eat in pregnancy1.

Is corned beef and pastrami safe during pregnancy?

The recommendation is to heat deli meats until they are visibly steaming to kill any possible Listeria bacteria that may be present. Pastrami is included in this designation and is safe to consume during pregnancy when reheated to steaming.

What meats should you avoid when pregnant?

During pregnancy, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) encourages you to avoid: Bigeye tuna. King mackerel. Marlin.

Avoid undercooked meat, poultry and eggs
  • Fully cook all meats and poultry before eating. …
  • Cook hot dogs and luncheon meats until they’re steaming hot — or avoid them completely.

Is Eating Corn Safe During Pregnancy?

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