Can I Get Pregnant 2 Days After My Period


Ovulation is only one factor needed for pregnancy to occur. Consult a fertility specialist if you’re under 35 years old and have been trying to get pregnant for a year after engaging in unprotected sex. If you are over 35 and have been trying for four to six months, the same applies.

The short answer is that you might be pregnant if you engaged in unprotected sex during or immediately after your period and wonder if you’re pregnant. Without a doubt, consult your doctor or perform a home pregnancy test.

You can get pregnant at any time during your cycle. Ovulation timing varies, and sperm are obstinate in their desire to survive. That’s good news for some women, but not so much for others.

The answer? Take control. The best way to achieve your goals is to understand your body, monitor ovulation, and, if necessary, take precautions.

Last medically reviewed on July 30, 2019

The best way to prevent getting pregnant is to avoid having sex. Sexually active people should use birth control or condoms if they don’t want to get pregnant.

The most crucial factor is ovulation. A period marks the start of a new cycle, but it offers little information regarding the potential timing of ovulation.

Having sex soon after the end of a period can result in pregnancy, though this will partly depend on the person’s cycle and the timing of ovulation. A person will have a greater chance of getting pregnant right away if she ovulates close to menstruation.

This article investigates the possibility of becoming pregnant immediately following menstruation, the risk factors, and strategies for avoiding unintended pregnancy.

While many women who are not pregnant experience symptoms like nausea and vomiting early in their pregnancies, many pregnant women do not,

You had a period, then you had unprotected se Are you pregnant?

Possibly, but probably not. If you have a relatively predictable cycle (#blessed), here’s how your odds of baby making shake out:

  • If you have a super short cycle (<21 days), it’s possible — though rare — to get pregnant from having sex just after your flow. Sperm can live up to 5 days after sex, so they might swim around long enough to meet up with your next egg.
  • If you have irregular cycles, it’s possible — but still rare! — to get pregnant from period sex or sex just before or after your flow.
  • You’re most likely to get pregnant during your fertile window, the 6-ish days in the middle of a 21- to 35-day cycle.
  • Although unlikely, becoming pregnant right before or right after your period is not completely impossible.

    Even during your period, the only effective method of preventing pregnancy is birth control. Additionally, it still helps to calculate your odds throughout the month if you’re trying for a bun in the oven. The more you know, right?.

    Here’s how to distinguish between your safe-ish zone for unprotected sex and your baby-making window.

    When it comes to making babies, timing is everything. The same goes for unprotected sexcapades.

    For only 6 days per cycle, most people with periods have a high chance of becoming pregnant. It’s known as the fertile window.

    Can I get pregnant right after my period?

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