Shooting While Pregnant: Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Conclusion: Shooting While Pregnant

Although I know that competitors and female law enforcement officers must continue to train and practice, my advice is to err on the side of caution.

You can always dry fire at home or use a laser-training target.

Discuss any worries you may have about shooting while pregnant with your doctor.

Share any tips you’ve heard about shooting while expecting with us in the comments section.

Note from the editor: This post first appeared in March 2013. It has been updated for clarity and accuracy.

To reduce noise exposure from other shooters, Ken Cooper of Tactical Handgun Training of NY adds, “I would also recommend that the qualifying instructor separate the pregnant woman from the other officers and qualify them separately.” According to Ken, shooting is always dangerous, whether it’s done for work, recreation, or any other reason. The individual officer is responsible for looking into any threats to her safety and the safety of her child. ”.

Even if agencies do have a policy in place, it is not based on factual information derived from studies on shooting while pregnant. This is a crucial topic for women in law enforcement. (See sidebar on Policy. Since most police departments’ firearms instructors and range officers lack medical degrees, they must make the best judgments possible using their knowledge and experience. Unless an order “comes down from above,” which typically means the attorneys were involved It is purely for liability protection, but as long as it serves mother and child’s interests, that is acceptable.

It’s interesting to note that at eight weeks old, the vestibular system—the part of the ear intended to detect head and body motion as well as the pull of gravity—begins to develop. Receptive hearing is thought to start with the skin and skeletal framework and then get amplified as more vestibular and cochlear information becomes available. A major information source that is active 24 weeks before birth is undoubtedly hearing. ”.

An extensive body of research shows that exposure to lead is harmful for both adults and a fetus or embryo that is still developing. Additionally, we are aware that the mother’s blood can transfer lead to the fetus. Low birth weight and head circumference (even at very low exposure levels), miscarriage, early delivery, pre-eclampsia (a serious pregnancy complication), as well as behavioral effects in infants and children have all been linked to lead exposure. Premature birth and a decreased growth stature “have all been associated with prenatal leadexposure at “acceptable” levels,” according to one study. ”.

The development of safer substitutes for live-fire qualification for expectant officers using systems like FATS simulators (or otherbrands), BeamHit, and Airmunition should be considered by law enforcement agencies and the military. The technology is now in placeto offer this. Agencies that permit their pregnant officers to continue carrying a weapon after they have qualified may be held accountable; this safeguards both the officer and the agency. The physical requirements for qualifying, however, may not always be appropriate for expectant women, Sergeant Especially if this “includes running, kneeling, and shooting while prone,” Greg Conrad of the New York State Courts ”This will vary dependant on each state or agency’s standards.

Is it Safe to Shoot During Pregnancy?

There is a wealth of helpful advice about shooting while pregnant on the internet. Unfortunately, the majority of it is anecdotal or adheres to the philosophy of “better safe than sorry.”

In actuality, there is very little research-based knowledge available.

Despite being the shooting demographic with the fastest growth, women still make up a relatively small portion of the population. Research facilities aren’t exactly lining up to devote time or expensive research dollars to studying female shooters because we make up such a small minority.

Research grants for studying pregnant shooters ain’t much.

Even fewer people who engage in shooting while pregnant. Women are the majority of shooters, but not all of them are pregnant. If they do, they only do so for a maximum of nine months.

Can I Go Shooting While Pregnant

Honestly, pregnant shooters are basically a statistical anomaly.

Additionally, few medical professionals are eager to conduct double-blind studies on expectant mothers and their growing fetuses. Nobody wants to knowingly expose unborn children to substances or situations that could harm them.

So, experimenting on pregnant women is a no go. (Are you interested in having zombie children? Because that’s how you get them. ).

Can I Go Shooting While Pregnant

There are resources available to assist families in making knowledgeable decisions about combining range time and pregnancy, despite the dearth of research-based double-blind studies.

There have been studies that address how lead and noise—the two things that pregnant shooters are most worried about—might affect you and your unborn child, even though the research isn’t focused on shooting specifically.

Whether or not shooters are baking figurative buns, lead exposure is a serious concern for them.

The average cartridge primer is approximately 35 percent lead. Lead is also present in the vast majority of bullets, even if it is protected by a jacket.

Microscopic lead particles are released into the air when the firing pin strikes the primer cap and you pull the trigger. As lead projectiles move through metal gun barrels at high speeds, more lead vapor is produced due to friction. When the lead bullet strikes the target or the backstop, even more lead particles are vaporized.

Can I Go Shooting While Pregnant

Whether lead particles are released from the projectile or the primer, once they are in the air, anyone nearby can easily breathe them in.

Additionally, lead dust can accidentally be ingested or absorbed through the skin if it settles on skin, clothing, or range surfaces. Nothing enhances the flavor of your favorite dish like a sprinkle of traditional lead.

Can I Go Shooting While Pregnant

All joking aside, lead poisoning is a serious issue. Every organ in the human body may be impacted by this dangerous heavy metal. Lead poisoning is a serious condition that can result in high blood pressure, nerve disorders, muscle and joint pain, and even infertility.

The real risk is that lead exposure builds up over time, especially for frequent shooters. That implies that once inside the body, the lead won’t move. It is there to stay.

Can you still use firearms while pregnant?

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