Can I Have Orange Juice While Pregnant

Will orange juice hurt my baby?

It’s unlikely that consuming orange juice while pregnant will harm your unborn child.

Orange juice can be great for your health.

It is a top source of potassium as well as vitamin C, folic acid, and other nutrients.

These nutrients are all extremely crucial during pregnancy, and there are several very good reasons for this:

  • Folic acid helps your baby’s brain and spinal column to develop.
  • Potassium regulates your blood pressure.
  • Vitamin C helps you absorb iron. This is especially important during your third trimester.
  • Calcium isn’t naturally found in orange juice, but fruit juices are usually fortified with calcium. It’s very important when you’re growing a whole new person because you’re both going to need it to keep your bones strong.
  • Fiber helps with pregnancy bloating and constipation by keeping things moving.
  • Yep, orange juice has a lot to boast about. But not every juice is made equal. Here are some things to be aware of.

    Nutritional Value Of Oranges And Benefits Of Orange Juice

    A 100 g serving of orange juice typically has 45 calories, 0 fat, and 0 sodium. 2 percent fat, 10. 4 percent of carbohydrates, and 0. 7 gm of protein. Those are well within acceptable levels.

    However, fresh and organic orange juice also has some nourishing advantages for expectant mothers.

  • Beneficial for the baby

  • Fresh, ripe oranges are best during pregnancy because they support brain development for your unborn child. They lower the likelihood that babies will be born with congenital disabilities because they are rich in minerals and vitamins like folic acid and vitamin B6.

  • Good for constipation

  • Constipation during pregnancy can be uncomfortable, especially in the second and third trimesters. Due to their high cellulose and soluble and insoluble fiber content, oranges aid in regular bowel movements. They can also address issues like belly bloating and discomfort.

  • Tackles kidney related problems

  • Due to the increased demand placed on the urogenital system during pregnancy, kidney-related issues may worsen. The kidneys are crucial during pregnancy because they serve as filters to remove toxins from the body. Oranges may help prevent kidney disease and promote detoxification.

    Are Oranges Safe For You To Consume During Pregnancy?

    Can I Have Orange Juice While Pregnant

    Oranges make a great addition to your diet during pregnancy. Consuming the fruit whole is much healthier for you nutritionally than drinking orange juice.

    Tetra packs from the store can be seductive because you don’t have to squeeze the juice yourself. However, because they contain preservatives that might harm a baby, these should be completely avoided.

    Health benefits of eating Oranges during pregnancy | Benefits of Oranges during pregnancy

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