Can I Use Teeth Whitening Strips While Pregnant

Are Any Whitening Procedures Safe During Pregnancy?

Many whitening procedures are not safe to use while pregnant, which is the “bad news.” These procedures include the following list:

  • Any products that have carbamide peroxide should not be used when pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • In-office bleaching procedures (especially those that require a UV laser or UV light, such as the popular Zoom brand) should be avoided. Those brands that don’t require a UV laser should also be avoided.
  • At-home whitening strips or gels (such as Opalescence) should be avoided when pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • While activated charcoal does have FDA approval for certain health uses, the American Dental Association has not approved any activated charcoal products for dentistry use.
  • The good news is that you can still use whitening toothpaste to help brighten your smile if you are pregnant or nursing. Remember that some whitening toothpastes can irritate, inflame, or cause discomfort to the gums. If the latter signs appear, stop using the toothpaste and speak with your dentist about an alternative solution. Last but not least, keep in mind that you should maintain excellent oral hygiene the entire time you are pregnant.

    Even though eliminating these foods from your diet entirely may be unrealistic, especially if they also have additional health benefits, you can lessen the appearance of stains by brushing your teeth right away after eating stain-causing foods and by drinking lots of water. The good news is that some foods, like strawberries and fibrous fruits, are actually beneficial for teeth whitening.

    Many pregnant women wonder whether their standard teeth-whitening techniques or any new ones they might want to try are safe. Pregnant women want to ensure they are doing everything possible to safeguard the health and wellbeing of their unborn child during this crucial time.

    You can also keep using whitening toothpaste, which doesn’t contain hydrogen peroxide but typically contains abrasives to help remove surface stains. Although teeth whitening toothpaste is a safe way to whiten your teeth while pregnant, it isn’t as effective as other whitening procedures.

    Carbamide peroxide, the substance that actually whitens teeth, reacts with water to produce hydrogen peroxide. Your teeth are bleached by the hydrogen peroxide in teeth-whitening products, giving you that pearly white smile. This oxidation process can, however, be harmful to soft tissue. Because your gums are more delicate and susceptible to gingivitis while you’re pregnant, the hydrogen peroxide might harm them.

    To be as safe as possible, it is advised that you avoid teeth whitening procedures while pregnant because there is not enough information about the potential effects of the chemicals used in teeth whitening products on you and your unborn child. This can be a major inconvenience for those who are particularly concerned about the appearance of their teeth. Fortunately, there are some safe methods for teeth whitening while pregnant.

    Professional Teeth Whitening

    Of course, consulting your dentist to determine your candidacy is a crucial first step when it comes to teeth whitening. They’ll make sure your teeth and gums are in good condition and assist you in choosing a teeth-whitening procedure.

    Keep in mind that professional teeth whitening costs more than over-the-counter teeth whitening kits because it is typically performed in a dentist’s office. The hydrogen peroxide bleaching agent used in professional teeth whitening typically needs to be activated with light or a laser. Although there may not be much risk to the expectant mother and her unborn child, experts advise delaying any teeth-whitening procedures until after the baby is born.

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