5 Benefits of Using A Weighted Blanket During Pregnancy

Weighted Blanket While Pregnant – Benefit 2

Make the most of the hours you do get to sleep because as your pregnancy progresses (and after), your sleep will be disrupted.

A weighted blanket’s ability to promote deeper, more restful sleep is one of its main advantages. The hugging sensation lasts all night to sooth and calm your body. Which leads nicely into the next benefit.

Weighted Blanket While Pregnant – Benefit 1

Weighted blankets are a fantastic tool for managing stress and worry. The blanket’s weight mimics the sensation of a hug. Because it’s difficult for our brain to distinguish between the two, it releases feel-good hormones into our bodies that lower our heart rates and promote relaxation.

You’ll be under a lot of stress and worry during pregnancy, especially if it’s your first. These are all perfectly natural. A weighted blanket will help you to center yourself. Whether you feel it around your shoulders or all over your body during the day or just before you fall asleep at night

What Are The Benefits Of Using Weighted Blankets During Pregnancy?

The later in pregnancy, the harder it is for expectant mothers to get a good night’s sleep. Weighted blankets can help ease several pregnancy-related sleep problems.

Although being pregnant is a wonderful and exciting time, it also naturally brings with it anxiety about the unknowns of childbirth and parenthood. It’s normal to feel a little anxious while pregnant, but for some women, anxiety can occasionally prevent them from sleeping.

Pregnancy anxiety can be reduced simply and effectively by curling up under a knitted weighted blanket. The evenly distributed weight presses on pressure points all over the body, causing serotonin, the happy hormone, to be released.

You’ll probably emerge from a Napper feeling calmer and more at ease if you spend a few minutes there and take a few deep breaths.

Along with anxiety, the body’s physiological and hormonal changes can sometimes result in insomnia and more serious disorders. Weighted blankets are frequently employed as a drug-free method of treatment for sleep disorders like insomnia.

RLS, also referred to as restless legs syndrome, can occasionally be brought on by the same hormonal changes that occur in your body during pregnancy. A tingling sensation that creeps through the legs as you nod off is how many people describe it. High levels of cortisol are frequently linked to this condition.

A weighted blanket reduces cortisol levels naturally, lessening the severity of RLS.

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