Can U Take Vit C When Pregnant

When you’re pregnant or nursing and everyone around you is coughing, taking these supplements, which act as vitamin boosts, sounds like a good idea. They provide as much immune-supporting vitamin C as a truckload of oranges.

Nursing mothers have slightly fewer restrictions, but there are still some considerations.

Viral illnesses are a big worry for pregnant women. Due to a weakened immune system during pregnancy, many over-the-counter medications that treat symptoms are prohibited. Additionally, a nasty virus can occasionally develop into an even more dangerous infection.

It basically just means “enough vitamin C to turn you into an orange,” but some vitamin producers claim it means their formulas are more likely to be absorbed into the bloodstream and less likely to upset the stomach than other forms of vitamin C.

But if you’re expecting, you should first consult a doctor. Other than prenatal vitamins and a few essential nutrients, most doctors advise pregnant women to avoid supplements in order to have a healthy pregnancy.

Benefits of Vitamin C during pregnancy

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant. As a result, it guards the body against free radicals and mitigates the effects of oxidative stress. It may be crucial for pregnant women who struggle with their hemoglobin and iron levels to help with non-heme iron absorption. Another benefit of vitamin C is that it supports the immune system. This indicates that it works to protect the body from free radicals and counteract the effects of oxidative stress. ”.

For example, one study found that boosting vitamin C levels (through the consumption of kiwifruit) was shown to help boost neutrophils which are a part of the innate immune system which provides barriers and defense against foreign attacks and intruders. Since immune function naturally lessens during pregnancy, it’s important to take steps to counteract this side effect. Vitamin C may also help stimulate collagen production.


Vitamin C is safe to consume while pregnant; in fact, you require more vitamin C than a woman who isn’t pregnant, and a nursing mother requires even more. Aim for about 85 mg of vitamin C per day for pregnant women. Women who are nursing should aim for 120 mg of vitamin C daily.

Try including three servings of vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables per day to meet your daily dietary reference. To put this into perspective, a 6 oz glass of orange juice and a cup of strawberries will provide more than twice the recommended daily amount of vitamin C.

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