Can You Bleach Your Hair While Pregnant Third Trimester

Are the ingredients in hair-color treatments safe?

The ingredients in dyes and bleaching agents used to be much more questionable than they are today. When you look back in time at hair dyes, they used to contain toxic chemicals and other unfavorable ingredients. Lauren Streicher, clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, claims that currently, that is simply not the case. “Are there any carcinogens in it? No. Are there any situations that should cause issues during pregnancy? “.

Aleha Aziz, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University, agrees that contemporary hair dye and bleach do not pose health risks when used correctly. “Chemicals in hair dye are generally not thought to be harmful, and evidence suggests that systemic absorption of hair products is minimal,” she tells Allure. “Reaching the placenta in substantial amounts to cause harm to the fetus is unlikely.”

However, according to Streicher, “none of this stuff has been tested during pregnancy, and it’s not going to be.” “No one is going to dye the hair of 10,000 pregnant women once a month and see if the babies are okay,” “.

When is the safest time during pregnancy to bleach or dye your hair?

Although there isn’t conclusive evidence that hair dye or bleach are harmful to the mother or fetus at any point during pregnancy, you might want to be extra cautious by waiting the first 12 weeks because this is when the fetus develops in a crucial way. It is generally advised to wait until after the first trimester to dye or bleach one’s hair during pregnancy, as with most exposures, Aziz tells Allure. “After this time, there is much less of a chance that chemicals will harm the fetus.” “.

Streicher has offered similar advice to her patients. Wait until after the first trimester if you’re going to dye your hair. Maybe don’t do it as frequently as you would normally do it, she advises. “But Ive never told people not to dye their hair. “.

Are perms and relaxers safe during pregnancy?

Chemicals used in perms and relaxers are typically safe to use on your skin and hair. You’re good to go if you have sufficient ventilation and adhere to the product’s instructions.

“Ask about the ventilation practices at the salon if you’re getting a perm or relaxer treatment.” You shouldn’t receive treatment in a room with two or three other people without adequate ventilation. You might feel ill because of the strong smell,” Dr Zanotti says.

Can I bleach my hair when pregnant?

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