Can You Eat Raw Honey While Pregnant

Is pasteurized honey safer than raw honey?

Although it doesn’t kill botulism spores, pasteurized honey is heated to stop fermentation and reduce the chance of bacteria contamination. Although it hasn’t been thoroughly studied, there is currently no reason to believe that consuming raw honey while pregnant is unsafe. We recommend sticking to reputable brands that you can trust.

What Are The Side Effects of Eating Honey When Pregnant?

Honey is a food that is generally safe and does not have any unfavorable side effects.

Honey can lower LDL cholesterol and stress-related indicators, as I previously mentioned, but for most women, if not all, these benefits may just be a nice bonus.

If you don’t typically use honey to sweeten your foods and beverages due to the fact that it tastes sweeter than regular table sugar, it can be simple to consume too much honey.

If this describes you, start by gradually introducing a little honey to achieve the desired level of sweetness.

The Benefits of Honey During Pregnancy

As I previously stated, many mothers who are looking for an alternative sweetener to table sugar often turn to honey.

Although it is regarded as the healthier alternative to sugar, the human body only recognizes the sweetness as glucose.

The body needs glucose as its primary energy source. Because honey and regular sugar are both made of glucose, the body uses them equally.

Honey’s impact on blood sugar levels after eating is one nutritional advantage over sugar.

According to research established back in 1990, honey increases the blood sugar less than regular sugar and also tastes sweeter (source: Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics).

The lesser effects of honey for those women who are concerned about their blood sugar levels may be a good justification for the switch.

Even though the fact that honey is produced by bees doesn’t make it any more deserving of inclusion in your diet, it does have some additional advantages.

Due to its antimicrobial properties, honey is a preferred ingredient in products like mouthwash, skin care products, and lozenges.

Its antimicrobial action comes from enzymes and small amounts of acids, incorporated into the honey by the bees that make it (source: Molecules).

Honey’s capacity as an antioxidant is a significant additional advantage.

Since honey is a product of plants, it has been demonstrated to reduce inflammation. Another rationale for using honey in topical skin calming products is this.

Honey has even been shown to decrease biological indicators of exercise-induced stress and LDL cholesterol! (source: Molecules).

Overall, honey and regular sugar are very similar, but honey has some impressive additional advantages.

Can I eat honey while pregnant?

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