I Had My Cervix Removed at 29

For me the message is, if you are overdue, go. Also get your kids vaccinated against HPV. We’re so fortunate to reside in a nation where it’s permissible to spare your children from experiencing what I did.

I would advise anyone else going through a cancer experience to not be ashamed to contact support groups like Cancer Council.

I will definitely have Baxter vaccinated when the time comes because I want him, his friends, and my entire community to be able to live as long and as healthily as possible.

The pregnancy itself wasnt easy. I was on bed rest starting at 25 weeks and had weekly scans every Tuesday. For the last month, I was in hospital. But Baxter was born “fine and well” at 35 weeks, making me the first woman to give birth in Australia without a cervix.

When I was 26 years old, I went to see my doctor for a separate appointment and chose to get a pap smear. Although my most recent test, which had come back clear, had been nine months prior, I reasoned that since I was already there, I might as well get a checkup.

In July 2016, a 32-year-old G3P3002 African woman traveled to Felege Hiwot referral hospital in Bahir Dar, Northwest Ethiopia, from Yifag Kebele, Amhara Region. She reported having stomach pain and uncontrollable vomiting for one day. She also had progressive abdominal distension, was unable to pass feces or flatus, and She had only one previous diagnosis, chronic gastritis for which she took unidentified medications, and one prior surgery, a Cesarean hysterectomy following an intrauterine fetal death during labor. She did not use contraception and experienced no menstruation because she had been told her uterus had been removed. She was admitted to our surgical ward with a diagnosis of small bowel obstruction caused by conceivable incisional hernia and presumed post-operative adhesions. She required two units of blood transfusion and two liters of normal saline to revive her because she also had severe anemia. Once she was stabilized, a plan was made to treat the hernia. But after two days in our hospital, her condition deteriorated, necessitating a consultation with Obstetrics and Gynecology for additional assessment.

The development of late-presenting pregnancies is caused by peritoneal and vaginal communication. The type of hysterectomy done and whether or not a residual cervix was present determine where these ectopic pregnancies develop after hysterectomy [3]. Of these cases, 50% have followed vaginal hysterectomy [2].

If a woman of reproductive age exhibits acute abdominal pain or pelvic pain and has at least one ovary and a mechanism for sperm to meet egg, she should be checked for pregnancy.

The corresponding author is willing to provide the necessary raw data and materials upon reasonable request.

AWM and HGM took history and physical examinations. DMA, AAF, and HGM did the operation. DMA wrote the manuscript. All authors read, reviewed, and approved the manuscript before submission.

If you hoped to get pregnant in the future, losing your fertility can be very difficult to deal with. The loss of your fertility can come as quite a shock, even if you had no plans to have children. It marks the end of a certain stage in your life. In addition to dealing with a cancer diagnosis, you are experiencing all the emotions that come along with a natural change in life (menopause).

Woman Born Without Uterus Gives Birth

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