Hair Dye and Highlights During Pregnancy: Are They Safe?

Pregnancy can be a wonderful and exciting time for many expecting mothers, but it can also come with its own set of challenges. Many women worry about how to keep their look and style in tact while pregnant. One of the most common questions among expecting moms is whether it is safe to get their hair professionally dyed while pregnant.
This question is one that many women have, and it is important to understand the health implications when making an informed decision. Professional hair dyeing products have the potential to contain chemicals that could be harmful to both you and your baby, and the long-term effects of using these products while pregnant are still unknown.
In this blog post, I will be taking a closer look at the risks associated with professional hair dyeing while pregnant, and discussing the best ways to maintain a healthy hair color while expecting. I will also provide tips on how to talk to your hairdresser in order to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

When Should You Not Dye Your Hair During Pregnancy?

Many medical professionals advise women planning to become pregnant to wait to dye their hair until after the first trimester. Dr. Typically, DiSabatino advises his patients to wait until the 13-week point. Many of your baby’s vital organs, including the brain and spinal cord, are developing during the first trimester, according to him. “Therefore, it’s best to be safe and hold off on dyeing your hair until the second trimester.” ”.

Additionally, it’s crucial not to color your hair if you have any open wounds, abscesses, or skin conditions. The chemicals in hair dye may enter your bloodstream more easily if you have small openings in your scalp’s skin. When you have a condition like eczema or psoriasis and dye your hair, your scalp may react negatively even if you are not pregnant. Before dying your hair, consult a doctor to prevent adverse effects.

Wait until the second trimester

Although there isn’t much research on this subject, many experts advise expecting mothers to wait until the beginning of the second trimester before using hair dye.

After about a month, you might be prepared to reach for the bottle (of hair dye, that is). Pregnancy hormones may cause your hair to grow more quickly than usual and may even take on a different texture and color from what you’re used to.

However, your baby’s first 13 weeks are a crucial period of development, as their organs are beginning to take shape, their muscles and vocal chords are developing, and their nail beds and hair follicles are beginning to form. Why take the chance when you don’t absorb a lot of the chemicals in hair dye and there isn’t any concrete proof that those chemicals are actually bad for your unborn child?

Don’t Dye Your Eyebrow or Eyelashes

Pregnant or not, hair dye in your eyes is dangerous. It’s best to avoid dyeing your eyebrows because getting hair dye in your eyes can result in injuries and blindness.

Although it may seem obvious, some people have trouble following instructions. The instructions for using hair dye go beyond mere advice. Â.

The hair dye directions are there for your safety. It can result in issues that you could otherwise avoid if you disregard or improperly use the hair dye. Â.

Grab your phone and set a timer. The amount of time the package tells you is exact. Â.

If the dye is left on for too long, your skin will absorb more of it, which could be harmful. Additionally, you should immediately rinse the dye off after use to prevent absorption. Â.

The longer the dye is on your skin, the more it is absorbed by your skin. Rinse your scalp to stop irritation and further chemical absorption of the hair dye.


Can you get your hair dyed at a salon while pregnant?

Although fairly limited, most research indicates the chemicals found in both semi-permanent and permanent dyes are not highly toxic and are safe to use during pregnancy. In addition, only small amounts of hair dye may be absorbed by the skin, leaving little that would be able to reach the fetus.

Can you get your hair professionally dyed while pregnant first trimester?

Wait until your second trimester

The first trimester is a time of rapid growth and development for your fetus. Major organs are forming, including the brain and spinal cord. If you want to be cautious (and rest easier at night), wait until this critical period is over before reaching for the hair dye.

How many weeks pregnant until you can dye your hair?

Many doctors recommend pregnant people wait until after the conclusion of their first trimester to dye their hair. Dr. DiSabatino typically advises his patients to hold off until the 13-week mark.

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