Can You Go Bowling While 8 Months Pregnant

Is It Safe To Go Bowling In The First Trimester Of Your Pregnancy?

Yes, going bowling during the first trimester is safe. But do not overdo it; pick a ball that is easy for you to lift.

Children and adults both enjoy the fun game of bowling. Pregnant women may be concerned about its safety. Lifting the bulky ball, crouching down, running, and throwing the ball are all part of the bowling game. If your pregnancy is uncomplicated, bowling may be risk-free as long as you follow all safety precautions and take it easy. Listen to your body, and do not over-exert. Stop if you feel unusual or uncomfortable. For women who are experiencing high-risk pregnancies, placenta previa, multiple births, heart conditions, etc. It is advised to avoid bowling while pregnant or to obtain your doctor’s approval before participating in this sport.

What should you watch out for if you’re bowling while pregnant?

Although you can have a ball while bowling, it’s not without its own risks. It can cause injuries, (particularly of the hand and upper extremities) “due to acute or reparative forces,” researchers found. So even though you’re used to swinging your bowling ball a certain way, make sure that you keep safety in mind… so that you don’t accidentally bump that big ol’ bowling ball belly of yours. “Activities like bowling are totally appropriate, but a pregnant person should be mindful that if there is pain while lifting or swinging the ball that they should modulate accordingly,” Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, M.D., an OB-GYN and cofounder of Tribe Called V tells Romper. “These activities will not harm the pregnancy, but may cause damage to ligaments in particular.”

Can You Go Bowling While 8 Months Pregnant

Can You Go Bowling While Pregnant?

Most experts concur that pregnant women can bowl safely as long as they take the necessary precautions. Women who are pregnant should only bowl at a moderate pace and stay away from any strenuous activity. However, it’s always preferable to speak with your doctor first.

Is it okay to go bowling while pregnant?

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