Is it ok to shoot a gun while you’re pregnant?

Conclusion: Shooting While Pregnant

Although I know that competitors and female law enforcement officers must continue to train and practice, my advice is to err on the side of caution.

You can always dry fire at home or use a laser-training target.

Discuss any worries you may have about shooting while pregnant with your doctor.

Share any tips you’ve heard about shooting while expecting with us in the comments section.

Note from the editor: This post first appeared in March 2013. It has been updated for clarity and accuracy.

The NRA is compelled to impose restrictions on the entry of particular materials and information into California as a result. The NRA, our members, supporters, and the general public protest this restriction, but we must abide by it because California has violated our right to free speech and association.

California recently hastily passed legislation making it illegal to talk to people under the age of 18 about many different types of firearms, parts, and accessories. This covers not only details on how to buy and use them but also the promotion of firearm safety and instruction. Additionally, this law limits communications that advertise organizations like ours.

Safe Ways to Train During Pregnancy

Can You Go To The Gun Range While Pregnant

If you choose to forego shooting while expecting, that doesn’t mean you can’t carry on with your training. There are methods of exercising that won’t subject you or your unborn child to noise or lead contamination.

Can You Go To The Gun Range While Pregnant

Without using live ammunition, dry fire practice with snap caps or dummy rounds is a great way to get comfortable with shooting. It will assist in maintaining crucial shooting fundamentals like grip, stance, trigger control, and sight alignment. For all shooters, pregnant or not, dry fire practice is a great way to maintain and advance these fundamental abilities.

To strengthen muscle memory, you can keep practicing drawing and holstering your unloaded weapon.

Additionally, airsoft weapons offer a secure training alternative for expectant shooters worried about taking a nine-month break from the sport. These toy guns closely resemble real firearms in terms of appearance and feel in some cases. Even an airsoft option that matches the design of your service or personal carry weapon might be available.

Because they fire lead-free plastic projectiles, produce little recoil, and are relatively quiet when firing, airsoft guns are safer than traditional firearms. A fun way to hone tactical abilities, accuracy, and shooting fundamentals is through airsoft. There are even airsoft tournaments to scratch your competitive itch.

Can you still use firearms while pregnant?

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