Can You Have Hot Dogs When Pregnant

What’s the matter with hot dogs during pregnancy?

You’ve probably noticed that many people have strong opinions about what pregnant women should and shouldn’t do (or eat). It’s not always necessary to pay attention to them all, but occasionally it can be beneficial to do so just to be on the safe side.

The two main concerns about hot dogs during pregnancy are:

  • They’re not particularly good for you, and they’re not going to cover a lot of nutritional bases for either you or your baby. (But let’s be honest, that probably wasn’t why you were craving one in the first place.)
  • Hot dogs have been linked to a pretty nasty form of food poisoning called listeriosis.
  • Consuming hot dogs while expecting carries the same risks as consuming any other type of pre-cooked, cold-served deli meat. After being precooked, they may become contaminated with a type of bacteria known as listeria. It’s this type of bacteria that can cause listeriosis.

    So, can pregnant women never have hot dogs?

    Does that imply you should completely avoid the risk and eliminate hot dogs from the menu?

    Not necessarily. Listeria is a horrible bacteria and it’s important to be aware of the risks. But it’s also pretty easy to kill if food is cooked all the way through. If your hot dog has been grilled or boiled to an internal temperature of 165°F, it’ll be safe to eat.

    The key is to always thoroughly cook a hot dog before eating it, regardless of whether you believe it has been pre-cooked.

    When you don’t make the hot dogs yourself, eating them while pregnant is more challenging.

    As an illustration, street vendors frequently keep their hot dogs warm in water, but that water is typically not hot enough to eliminate the risk of food poisoning. This might make it best to hold off on repurchasing one of these old favorites until your baby is born because there is a slight chance that you might become infected with listeria.

    Therefore, if you’re in charge, indulge in as many hot dogs as you want. It might be best to avoid cooking if someone else is doing it and you can’t see it happening.

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    These are the foods and beverages you should plan to avoid if you’re wondering what not to eat when you’re pregnant, from hot dogs to sushi to deli meats.

    Since you’re eating for two now, you’re probably concentrating on picking healthy foods that’ll make you feel your best and support your developing baby. But it’s also crucial to know what to avoid eating and drinking while pregnant.

    While your baby can benefit from all the nutritious foods you consume, a baby can also be harmed by disease-causing bacteria that can lurk in some foods. Therefore, it is best to err on the side of caution and stay away from any menu items that may make either of you sick or affect the growth and development of your unborn child when you are pregnant. reputable sourceMayo ClinicFoods to Avoid During Pregnancy: Pregnancy NutritionSee All Sources [1]

    Thankfully, knowing whats safe and whats not is pretty straightforward. Here’s the skinny on what to eat and drink while pregnant, as well as what to do if you inadvertently consume something on this list.

    Are hot dogs dangerous to eat while pregnant?

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