Can you have protein powder while pregnant?

Are protein powders safe for pregnant women?

Protein supplements are safe to consume while pregnant, but not all supplements are created equal.

Protein shakes for weight loss and meal replacement shakes are both included under the umbrella term “protein powders.” They can be made from a variety of different ingredients, such as whey, soy, or peas, and can also be blended with various additives and sweeteners (see our guide on “What’s in Your Protein Powder” for more information).

It’s crucial to consume whole food nutrients through a nutritious, balanced diet while pregnant, so it’s not recommended to substitute meals with protein shakes or meal-replacement shakes.

A scoop of a “clean,” straightforward protein powder can be added without endangering you or the unborn child. Choose a protein powder that has a very straightforward formula, no additional vitamins or minerals, and carefully read the label.

For instance, our Unflavoured RITUAL Vegan Protein (safe for pregnancy) contains just 3 natural ingredients: a straightforward combination of pea, hemp, and quinoa protein. Additionally, it is examined for the presence of heavy metals and grown using fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides—all of which are frequently present in other protein powders.

You need to be aware of everything you’re putting into your body, as well as your baby’s body if you see any ingredients with long chemical names that you don’t recognize.

Protein Powder for Pregnancy: What’s the Evidence?

The majority of medical professionals will typically advise against taking any dietary supplements while pregnant, with a few exceptions like a prenatal vitamin. The reason is that the supplement industry does not demand the level of scrutiny that a mother needs for a growing baby, not because supplements like protein powder are necessarily harmful. There are different kinds of whey protein available when you ask your doctor if you should use it while pregnant. It is therefore simpler to simply advise patients to “don’t use supplements,” after which each doctor can address the topic with patients on an individual basis. But here are a few things about whey protein during pregnancy that we do know.

Dangerous Additives of Whey Protein Powder

For pregnant women, many whey protein products contain unneeded and potentially dangerous additives.

It’s common practice to add saccharin or other artificial sweeteners to protein powders. Pregnant women are advised to limit artificial sweeteners during pregnancy.

Some protein powders are made for athletes and therefore include energy-boosting ingredients like caffeine and taurine. Avoiding these additives is advisable because they may be harmful to both the mother’s and the baby’s health.

Protein powder during pregnancy: is it safe?

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