Can You Take Sit Down Baths While Pregnant

Bathing With Epsom Salts During Pregnancy

Actually, magnesium sulfate, not salt, makes up epsom salt. Even during pregnancy, the body can benefit greatly from this naturally occurring substance.

You should add approximately two cups of Epsom salt to your warm bath. The substance will dissolve relatively quickly, and you can soak in it for approximately 10 to 15 minutes (5).

To get the full benefits, add Epsom salt to your bath a few times each week.

Epsom salt baths are popular among athletes to help with muscle aches. It is safe to say that you will experience your fair share of these as a expectant mother. Other advantages of Epsom salts include: The back pain and leg cramps you are experiencing can be relieved with an Epsom salt bath.

  • Soothes your skin: Epsom salt can help soothe stretching skin. It can also possibly help with reducing stretch marks. It is known to increase the rate at which cuts and minor sunburns heal, which can be good to know if you become clumsy as you gain weight during pregnancy. Also, it can provide relief from itching.
  • Stress reliever: The magnesium found in Epsom salt is known to be a natural stress reducer and can help you feel calm. Reduced stress levels can greatly benefit you and your baby.
  • Reduces swelling: Epsom salt can help reduce fluid levels in your body and decrease the swelling your pregnancy has caused. It is more effective if you combine massage of the swollen areas with soaking in the salts. You should also elevate your feet once your bath is finished for the best results.
  • Hemorrhoid relief: Epsom salts have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce hemorrhoids and ease your pain.
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    If you’re pregnant and unsure whether it’s safe to soak in the tub, feel free to do so as long as you follow these safety precautions first.

    Nothing sounds better right now than a soothing soak in the tub, especially since pregnancy aches and pains, particularly that sore back, can be relieved by the warm water as well as being soothing to the skin. Is it actually safe to take a spa-like bath in the bathtub while pregnant?

    You won’t have to take lukewarm showers for the remainder of your pregnancy, so relax. As long as you follow a few safety precautions, taking a bath while pregnant is completely safe.

    Where Can You Find Epsom Salt?

    Epsom salt is available in most supermarkets and pharmacies. There are many brands available, and the majority of them are fairly similar, but some of them list fragrances among their ingredients. It is in your best interest to stick solely with the unscented Epsom salt that has not had any oils or herbs added during pregnancy for safety reasons.

    While taking a bath with Epsom salt is generally safe, it never hurts to ask your doctor if you want to start using it regularly.

    You must be extremely careful because epsom salts may raise the water’s temperature. When using the salts, it might be advantageous for you to lower the water temperature at first and check again with a baby thermometer.

    Can You Take Sit Down Baths While Pregnant

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