Is It Safe to Use Tampons During Pregnancy?

Ive known many women who become pregnant unexpectedly, and theyre genuinely surprised when they find out. If these women are anything like me, a planner, they might have noticed a shift in discharge or spotting, like that of an oncoming period, and prepared by using a pad or tampon. But what if that shift wasnt your period, but a pregnancy? Could the tampons have hurt it? Is it safe to use a tampon during pregnancy?

Knowing that there isn’t really a threat of permanent harm as a result of my preparation is consoling. In these circumstances, I tend to let my neuroses get the better of me and spend hours worrying excessively about what I’ve done. According to Smith, worrying like this is normal during pregnancy. It’s much less typical to see a mother who isn’t concerned about the little things, such as worrying about using tampons safely while pregnant.

According to Smith, you shouldn’t be concerned if you used tampons while pregnant unless you experienced toxic shock syndrome or a pelvic infection. “First of all, worrying about something that has already happened doesn’t help matters, and second, it’s not really a major risk factor for harm in the early stages of pregnancy,” “.

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Smith tells Romper that the main concern with tampons is the increased risk for bacteria near the cervix. While the cervix is pretty good at blocking harmful bacteria from reaching the placental home of your baby, its not a perfect mechanism. Also, Smith adds, “Its hard to determine just how much youre bleeding if you cant see it. Thats not something you want to be a mystery.” Its really stressful — I get it. I spotted with my first pregnancy, and I was terrified, but its really not time to put your head in the sand, much as it may be comforting. “Pads and pantyliners allow you to see whats happening in real time,” Smith says, and they allow you to communicate this accurately with your provider.

Can You Wear Tampons While Pregnant?

If you’re having regular discharge or bleeding while pregnant, it might be tempting to use tampons to stop leakage, but you should never do this.

Important CautionTampons pose a risk of introducing bacteria and germs into your body, making them unsafe for both you and your unborn child.

Menstrual cups and tampons can impede your baby’s development and spread infections. Long pads are a better alternative. Talk to your doctor if you notice persistent discharge that seems to be getting worse. There shouldn’t be enough bleeding or discharge to fill several pads each day.

Can Using a Tampon Cause a Miscarriage?

No such reports exist claiming that tampons can result in a miscarriage. However, it is not advised that expectant mothers put their child’s health at risk by choosing a tampon. It is preferable to use sanitary pads rather than tampons if you are experiencing some spotting, bleeding, or vaginal discharge because they are much safer.

Tampons increase the chances of infections and toxic shock syndrome, which is not advisable for pregnant women. A lot of women opt for tampons for their periods because of their super absorbency, but when this tampon is left for quite a long inside the body, it can have several side effects on your body that can be harmful to you.

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