Clear Blue Positive Pregnancy Test Results

Clearblue Pregnancy Test Combo Value Pack

You have two ways to test for pregnancy thanks to the Clearblue Pregnancy Test Combo Pack, 4-ct, which includes two Clearblue Pregnancy Tests with Smart Countdown and two Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Tests.

The only digital pregnancy test that counts down to your result is the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown, which gives you utterly clear results in words.

Within three minutes, your result will show up, with some results appearing in as little as one. Results are clearly displayed as Pregnant or Not Pregnant words.

The Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test is a visual “line” test that produces two distinct results: a “” if you are pregnant and a “-” otherwise. When testing starting the day after your missed period, a pregnant result may show up in a matter of minutes. Waiting three minutes to confirm a result of “Not Pregnant” is advised.

Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown: Features

With our special progress indicator, the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown gives you confidence that the test is functioning properly from beginning to end as it counts down to your result. You don’t need to interpret any lines because the results are verbally displayed as “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant.” When you’re prepared to share the news, a “Pregnant” result is shown on the screen for up to six months. A Not Pregnant result lasts for approximately 24 hours. Because the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown is so sensitive, you can perform the test up to 5 days before your missed period. [1] And it%E2%80%99s over 99% accurate at detecting pregnancy from the day of your expected period [2] Clearblue%E2%80%99s 50% wider no mess absorbent Tip and our unique Floodguard Technology help keep excess urine from entering the device

Runner-up: Clearblue Early Detection

Clear Blue Positive Pregnancy Test Results

Clearblue Early Detection is another great choice for early testers. It has a wider absorbent tip and a longer handle than First Response Early Result, but it is a little less sensitive.

Similar to First Response Early Result, Clearblue Early Detection can detect pregnancy five days before an expected period 71% of the time (that goes up to 94% four days before, 98% three and two days before, and 99% a day before an expected period) Other Clearblue pregnancy tests use blue lines, but this wand test uses pink, which some people find easier to read.

The Clearblue Early Detection test, like the other Clearblue tests, has a really wide absorbent tip that turns pink when it becomes wet, allowing you to be certain you haven’t missed the target. For midstream testing, the handle is long, thin, and comfortable to hold. (Take note that even if there isn’t enough urine to reach the testing strip and produce a control band, the pad will still turn pink.) ).

Clear Blue Positive Pregnancy Test Results

Instead of the more perplexing “missed period,” Clearblue tests helpfully list the accuracies relative to the day of an “expected period.” ”.

Digital tests don’t have anything unique that makes them more accurate than their manual counterparts. Digital tests also tend to be less sensitive. The clarity of reading “yes” or “no,” “pregnant” or “not pregnant,” however, may be preferred by some people over interpreting flimsy lines. If you happen to be interrupted and have to wait too long to read a manual test or test strip, digital tests can also come in handy.

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