Clear Blue Pregnancy Test Book Symbol

The exact same thing occurred to me, and I was furious when I saw the book symbol. I decided to try again, but this time I used my phone to precisely time 20 seconds, and it worked. Think I over estimated before that.

Ladies, I just took a BFP test and received good news. I’m so happy I could cry! Maybe that’s why I felt so emotional about messing up the first test. Now I’m just waiting for hubby to finish work so I can tell him the news. I don’t think I will sleep tonight. Thank you for encouraging me to do another test:) I would have probably put it off for fear again. This is my first pregnancy, so now I just need to figure out what to do next.

Oh, and I tried the alternate method this time (held in a pee stream), if anyone is interested.

Id just do another test. Once you’ve missed your period, the instructions state that you can perform the procedure at any time of day. Good luck!!.

My husband is thrilled, if a little shocked, and we are searching for anything and everything right now.

Clearblue pregnancy tests have been clinically proven to be more than 99% accurate when they are used after a woman%E2%80%99s period is due The tests are simple to use and now include a variety of features, such as digital results windows, which increase their usability and accessibility. The results are also more lucid and prevent confusion.

The Fertility Monitor can help you determine when you should ovulate and can identify six days of high fertility, when your chances of getting pregnant will be significantly higher than on other days of your menstrual cycle. Additionally, the test notifies you of your low fertility days and the expected start of your subsequent period.

The test is simple to perform, and results are generated quickly. The results can also be easily interpreted thanks to the digital display. After completing the test, wait a few minutes for the symbol to appear. If a blank circle appears, it means that there has not been a rise in LH detected; however, if a smiley face appears, there has been a rise in LH and a greater likelihood of becoming pregnant.

The colour change tip test can be used up to four days before the start of your period, but you are less likely to get an accurate result because the concentration of HCG may be too low to show up on the test, as is the case with all other home pregnancy tests. Pregnancy tests from Clearblue come in packs of two, which is more economical and allows you to save one test for a few days later when the HCG levels should be higher. A positive test result is almost certainly reliable, but if you receive a negative one, you might want to repeat the test because you might not have performed it properly or you might have performed it too soon.

According to the findings of a recent study, using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor can boost your chances of getting pregnant by up to 89 percent. The fertility monitor is the only item of its kind; in addition to measuring levels of the hormone luteinizing hormone, it also measures levels of another hormone called estradiol.

Clear blue pregnancy test error

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