Hero Story: Cole Sydnor & Charisma Jamison

Cole and Charisma, two of the most famous celebrity couple, have sent shockwaves throughout the world as the news of their pregnancy has been announced in 2022. Having been together for over a decade, their love story has been a model of inspiration for many. Cole and Charisma have been through it all together – from weddings to successful career moves; from the birth of their first child to the birth of their second.
Now, the couple is expecting their third child, and the anticipation is palpable. Everyone is eager to find out the gender of the baby, as well as what kind of preparations the couple will make for their little one. As a celebrity couple, they will no doubt have plenty of resources and support to properly prepare for their upcoming journey into parenthood.
This blog post will provide an in-depth look at Cole and Charisma’s journey to pregnancy, their preparation for the birth, and what to expect from the couple as they take on the role of

He had a tragic accident as a teenager

Cole Sydnor was 16 when he had a tragic accident. He and some friends were playing in some river rapids when he hit his head on a partially submerged rock. Sydnor had broken his neck and was classified as a functioning quadriplegic, which meant that his hands, torso, and legs were completely paralyzed. Additionally, his wrists, shoulders, and arms have limited range of motion.

Sydnor thought his condition would prevent him from finding love, but in 2017 at an inpatient rehab technician at Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation Centers in Richmond, Virginia, Sydnor met Charisma Jamison, his future wife.

When he attempted to swim, he remembers being perplexed by his inability to do so and by the fact that his arms and legs would not respond to his brain’s commands. Cole recalls seeing the water turn a bright red as it changed color. Fortunately, a friend spotted Cole in the water and dove in to save him.

Cole returned to the University of Richmond after the Shepherd Center (where he was a member of the crew team!) and eventually earned a degree there. At Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation in Virginia, where Cole was receiving rehabilitation therapy, in November 2017, Charisma Jamison and Cole first came into contact. Charisma was a Rehabilitation Technician. “I saw this gorgeous girl walking around [Sheltering Arms],” Cole claims. ” From there, love was born.

They started their YouTube channel in May 2018, “Roll with Cole & Charisma,” with the goal of breaking down misconceptions that can surround inter-abled relationships. The idea was Charisma’s. She wanted a way to easily communicate with friends and family who were curious about her relationship with Cole and it has transformed/ballooned from there. They currently have over 200,000 subscribers to “Roll with Cole & Charisma”!

Cole Sydnor lost the use of his arms and legs after a fateful dive into the James River in Virginia to get across the rapids in August 2011 after hitting his head on a rock. Cole was only 16 years old. Sydnor’s recollection of the accident is vivid. He remembers floating face down in murky water with his eyes open.

Cole spent 122 days at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta after the doctors rebuilt his neck shortly after the accident, where he had to relearn everything, both physically and mentally. Cole notes that initially the mental aspect was particularly difficult. When he arrived at the Shepherd Center, though, his perspective changed and he thought back to the advice his family had given him: “Whatever hand you’re dealt, deal with it and move on.” Cole “flipped that switch,” and now he almost always keeps a positive outlook. This optimistic outlook ultimately contributed significantly to Cole’s recovery and newfound success.

Sydnor stated, “She followed me on Instagram and I thought, Oh, maybe she has some interest, so I followed her back.” “We exchanged words before I slipped into the direct messaging.” The rest is history. “.

Sydnor said, “It was definitely something that we were very conscious of and very nervous about.” “Im immunocompromised. I have friends who are, and we also wanted to take extra precautions around our grandparents. We were extremely concerned about it and took it very seriously, but thankfully, nobody has experienced any symptoms or other problems at all. We are very grateful and feel blessed for that. “.

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Sydnor, a quadriplegic who broke his neck in an accident in 2011, thought the celebration was “perfect.” The couple’s wedding video, which they uploaded to their YouTube channel, has also received a lot of positive feedback. It is one of their most popular videos, with almost a million views.

Jamison declared, “We definitely cut the guest list, drastically reducing the numbers.” “We only had immediate family and friends in our immediate social circle.” It was very small and outdoors. Prior to, following, and during the wedding, we all distanced ourselves. We had masks, we did temperature checks. We took a lot of precautions. “.


What do Cole and Charisma do for a living?

Now 24 years old, Cole’s typical week consists of the following: 2 times/week he goes to therapy at a facility and 3 times/week he works out with Charisma. The couple’s full- time job is preparing and working on their YouTube channel and other social media platforms.

How old is Charisma Jamison?

“It was very easy to look past physical limitations being in my career,” Ms. Jamison, 26, said.

How did Cole became a paraplegic?

On August 11, 2011, 16-year-old Cole Sydnor dove into the James River and broke his neck. The resulting spinal cord injury left him paralyzed from the chest down. Then Cole began sharing his experience in order to help others avoid spinal cord injuries.

Who are Cole Sydnor parents?

KELLY SYDNOR of Mechanicsville, Va.,is the mother of former Shepherd Center patient Cole Sydnor, who sustained a spinal cord injury when he was 16. Kelly and her husband Clement have two children, Cole and Quint.

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