Earliest You Can Feel Baby Move 3Rd Pregnancy

What’s the earliest I can feel my baby move in my third pregnancy?

In your third pregnancy, at around 16 weeks, you’re likely to feel your baby move for the first time.

However, thats the earliest, and it could well be later – up to eight weeks later, to be exact. According to the NHS, you should start to feel your baby move between around 16 weeks and 24 weeks, so it might be that you feel your baby move later than other mums.

Even so, you might feel your baby move earlier in your third pregnancy than in your first. According to the NHS, it’s possible to feel movements during your first pregnancy after 20 weeks. If this was the case for you the first time around, you might be able to feel some movements earlier during your third pregnancy.

Try not to compare your experience to that of other mothers who have felt their babies move earlier or later because everyone will have a different experience.

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Between 16 and 24 weeks is normal. You should notify your midwife if you haven’t felt your baby move by 24 weeks so that she can check your baby’s heartbeat and movements.

When can other people feel my babys movements?

Unfortunately, other people won’t be able to detect your baby’s movements as early as you can, even though you should be able to do so between 16 and 24 weeks into your third pregnancy.

The moment when someone can feel your baby move by touching your bump is special, but everyone’s threshold for feeling your baby move will be different, so you might have to wait a little longer!

How often should my baby move?

You will need to monitor how frequently your baby moves each day as your pregnancy progresses. You might notice your baby is moving around more frequently, more vigorously, and in a predictable pattern sometime in the third trimester.

However, because the baby is bigger and more constrained in the uterus as the third trimester progresses, movements may change even though they are still regular. If you notice a decrease in your baby’s movements, consult your doctor right away.

It is advantageous to start tracking your baby’s movements in week 28. This will assist you in recognizing potential issues and may also help you and your baby to bond. Using a kick count chart can be very helpful.

Pick the same time every day to count your baby’s movements. The simplest option may be to lie on your left side and time how long it takes to experience ten movements. For further information about recording movements see kick counts.

Why are my baby’s movement important?

One of the signs that your baby is healthy is when you feel him or her move. It’s time to call your midwife if your baby’s movement pattern changes because it could mean that something isn’t right. Keep a mental record of your infant’s typical movements so you can notice any changes.

Can I feel my baby move in early pregnancy?

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