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Pregnancy is detectable 1 day before expected period. Each test is sealed in an individual pouch.

Simple to Use: Dip the test into your urine and wait 5 to 10 seconds for the dye to rise into the result window. Simple to read: two lines indicate pregnancy, whereas one line indicates not being pregnant.

To become pregnant naturally, use accurate, early pregnancy hCG test strips that are also the most affordable and powered by the Premom app.

%F0%9F%92%95100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: Contact our experienced and professional customer service for any questions you may have The brand owner, who is committed to being the best provider of home health tests, accepts refunds or returns.

At 5 minutes, hCG levels as low as 25 mIU/ml can be found. Results are over 99% accurate!.

The best pregnancy test strips (that you can buy in bulk)

Although hCG test strips occasionally receive a bad rap, they are extremely popular among those trying to conceive. You can indulge your impatience and use them daily (or more frequently) if you buy a large package of individually wrapped strips for 25 to 50 cents each. Although some people might see positive results earlier, the majority—if not all—strips are made and tested to find pregnancy-related levels of hCG at the day of an anticipated period or later, so for the majority, this won’t end up being much of an advantage.

If you want to make sure that a pregnancy has ended, testing with strips may also be helpful. Dr. Although this isn’t necessary—doctors occasionally have their patients take just one test at the suggested time after a loss or termination—Bavan suggested that it might be convenient to have extra tests on hand to use while you’re waiting.

– All tests FDA approved and over 99% accuracy – Easy to use and read the result – Greatest sensitivity level – 25 mIU/mL; Detection date depends on the hCG level in pregnant womens body

You will receive: 20 Easy@Home Brand hCG Pregnancy Test Strips Specifications: Detects the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which first appears in urine very early in pregnancy. Despite the technical jargon, this test functions similarly to the majority of other pregnancy tests currently available. It gauges your urine’s concentrations of the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). The cells of the embryo that will later develop into the placenta produce this hormone. Directly following implantation, the level of HCG begins to rise from its basal level of less than 5 mIU/mL and doubles roughly every 48 hours during the first few weeks of pregnancy. Features:

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