Hair On Stomach During Pregnancy

Can you remove/bleach this preg hair? If so, what’s the safest way?

The good news is that after giving birth, this extra hair is very likely to fall out, typically within six months. But we’re feeling those hairs, Faith, and that’s a long time to wait for some.

So, yes, waxing, plucking, or shaving are safe ways to get rid of the fuzz. It’s also safe to bleach the hair. But keep in mind that while pregnant, you might notice that your skin is more sensitive.

Hollysmumbump admits, “I have a hairy belly and have even started plucking them out by my belly button.”

The midwife has undoubtedly seen worse things, so I pluck out the big ones (mine are thick and dark) but leave the fuzzy ones, says BR2B.

Hayleyspirit regrets resorting to shaving. “I have a hairy belly too. Even though it’s fairly light, I can clearly see them in the bathtub. I’ve shaved it twice and it’s awful; I wish I hadn’t because it’s worse than ever. ”.

Karen130770 agrees. “My hair is blonde, but it looks like it has permanent static and stands out on end. It’s very unattractive, but whatever you do, DON’T SHAVE IT! ”.

Where do you get the belly hair?

Our mothers discovered that it could either be all over your belly, while others discovered that it was centered around the linea nigra, a dark line that can form during pregnancy.

It sort of spreads out from my belly button, which is starting to get smaller, according to Hayley_JC.

“Like purpleflamingos, I have a lot of hair on my belly, but only along the ‘happy trail. It’s really thick. On the other hand, I have to shave my legs and underarms every day. Wish the hair on my head grew as fast”.

Faith 85-56518’s belly’s fuzz had grown so long at this point that she gave her bump a comb-over. “I just took a bath, and it looked even worse in there! When I dried my belly, all the hairs went flat, and it looked really funny.” It resembled the head of a bald man with some hair combed over, haha. ”.

What Causes Hair Growth on the Stomach During Pregnancy

Hair On Stomach During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body produces an excess level of androgen. This promotes excessive hair growth in both common and undesirable areas. Another factor is that the hair is becoming darker than it was previously as a result of the body pigment melanin.

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