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According to Brenna’s mother, receiving the diagnosis made it easier to comprehend Brenna’s perspective. Heather stated that it enabled them to reframe the difficulties they encountered. Brenna wasn’t being defiant or refusing to do what they asked of her; rather, she simply couldn’t or lacked the necessary abilities. Brenna needed time and room, so they had to give her both.

“FASD has affected my life in many ways. I was born three pounds, eleven ounces early, six weeks early. It was difficult for me to make friends when I was younger, and I often experienced social anxiety. School was very hard for me, especially math and English. I couldn’t comprehend them. After completing high school, I tried going to college, but it didn’t work out. Then I got a job.

Now, NOFAS has empowered me. They give me the chance to speak and share my story on the stage several times a year. Speaking in front of an audience about FASD removes the power that my disability had over me. Many of the things I used to do, I didn’t know why I did them. But with this, I am aware of my motivation. With the assistance of my father and Kathy Mitchell, vice president of FASD United (formerly NOFAS), I have been running a teen group for the past year. We primarily discuss our daily lives, what it’s like to be us, and problems we encounter. We discuss how painful it is to be misunderstood and how we wish that people could just understand us. But regardless of how bad things are, we are all smiling at the end of the day because we joined forces and found others who share our interests.

“I want people to know that there is hope. I constantly tell myself that if I can survive, anyone can. FASD comes with a lot of shame and challenges. I always advise people to think twice before consuming that beverage. Pregnant women should remember that they are not drinking alone. ”.

When Taylor was born, his birth mother told the physician that she struggled with alcoholism and had consumed alcohol while carrying Taylor. Taylor’s parents’ details helped to finally identify him as having an FASD. The Allen family finally reached out to FASD United (NOFAS at the time) and the Kennedy Krieger Institute after Taylor’s diagnosis to receive aid for Taylor.

#2: Can you drink alcohol while trying to get pregnant?

The recommendation from all medical professionals is to take the best possible care of yourself if you’re consciously trying to get pregnant.

This means looking after yourself as if you’re already pregnant.

You should give up smoking and drinking because they can make it more difficult for you to conceive successfully.

There are few studies on drinking while trying to get pregnant. According to some studies, a pregnant woman who drinks in moderation is unlikely to harm her unborn child’s health.

However, most research acknowledges that there is no way to determine any level that is safe.

Experts advise any woman trying to conceive to stay away from alcohol because they believe the risk is not worth it.

Try not to worry

If you drank alcohol before realizing you were pregnant, Dr. Harper advises you not to panic. “I see women who are very happy to learn they are pregnant, but concerned that they had a few drinks before finding out,” she says of her work as a GP. “Once you do know you’re pregnant, it’s a different matter. ”.

Heavy Drinking Before I Knew I Was Pregnant – What to Do!

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