How Did Mary Get Pregnant In Islam

Qur’an 66:12

  • Literal: “her genital parts between her legs, so We blew in it” [4]
  • Malik: “and into whose womb We breathed of Our spirit” [5]
  • George Sale: “and into whose womb we breathed of our spirit” [5]
  • JM Rodwell: “and into whose womb we breathed of our spirit” [5]
  • Asad: “whereupon We breathed of Our spirit into that [which was in her womb]” [5]
  • Tafsir, Ibn Kathir: “(And We breathed into it (private part) through Our Ruh,) “ [6]
  • It’s likely that many translators of these verses were ashamed to render the word in its literal sense, so they chose alternative, occasionally drastically different interpretations that seemed more reverent, as can be seen in the following versions:

  • Yusuf Ali: “who guarded her chastity; and We breathed into (her body) of Our spirit” [5]
  • Pickthall: “therefor We breathed therein something of Our Spirit” [5]
  • Hilali/Khan: “the daughter of Imran who guarded her chastity; and We breathed into (the sleeve of her shirt or her garment) through Our Rooh” [5]
  • Here are the complete translations of the aforementioned quotes as well as some other translations.

    Lane’s LexiconFa-Ra-Jiim = To open, separate, cleave, split, enlarge, part, let a space between, make a room, comfort anything in, dispel cares. An opening, intervening space [gap or breach] between two things. Ex: Parting hind legs or intervening spaces between fingers.

    He opened, made room, ample space.

    Furijat – Cloven, split, rent, opened.

    Farjun (Pl. Furuj) – Pudenda (sex organ); modesty; chastity; space between a horse’s legs (or a mare’s legs); part(s) of a person (male or female) degrading to expose; exterior parts of the generational organs [of a male or female] Additionally, the posterior pudendum, which is a location of opening between the legs.

    faraja vb. (1) perf. pass. 77:9

    Meanings from other dictionaries and sources have been compiled below:

    Dictionary Word Meaning
    Google Translate الفرج (Al-Farj) vagina الفرج (Al-Farj) n. pussy, vulva, relief
    TranStar الفرج (Al-Farj) vulva الفرج (Al-Farj) the pussy الفرج (Al-Farj) vulva الفرج (Al-Farj) vulva
    Ectaco الفرج (Al-Farj) vulva

    Qur’an 21:91 والتي احصنت

    WajaAAalnaha waibnaha ayatan lilAAalameena Waallatee ahsanat farjaha fanafakhna feeha min roohina

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