How Many Days Should You Wait To Take Pregnancy Test


Home pregnancy tests (HPTs) are quite accurate. They function by looking for the pregnancy-related hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the urine. But various test manufacturers can detect various levels of the hormone. Early in a pregnancy, hCG levels are extremely low, which causes some HPTs to report a false negative. You should retest if you receive a negative result and your period doesn’t arrive within a few days.

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Last medically reviewed on March 8, 2017


How accurate are at-home pregnancy tests?

Thankfully, urine-based pregnancy tests have evolved substantially. Modern tests are available to women and can identify a pregnancy as early as eight days after ovulation. However, despite the fact that many home pregnancy tests are marketed as easy to use and reliable, getting accurate results depends on how early in the ovulation cycle you take the test.

Sometimes an egg will briefly implant but not sustainably Because hCG is produced but the pregnancy ends, this condition is also known as a chemical pregnancy. A test taken a few days prior to the anticipated period may yield a positive result, but the woman may still experience her period promptly. Rarely, some tumors can produce hCG, resulting in a positive pregnancy test even when a woman is not pregnant.

Ovulation generally occurs around day 15 of a 28-day cycle. An egg is fertilized in the fallopian tube and then moves into the uterus, where it implants in the uterine wall, during a typical pregnancy. After implantation, cells in the growing placenta (tissue that will feed the fetus) begin to produce hCG. As early as eight days after ovulation, hCG traces can be found.

Women who have experienced an ectopic pregnancy in the past or who are currently experiencing abdominal pain should consult a doctor right away. Positive pregnancy tests are the result of ectopic pregnancies that implant outside of the uterus and produce hCG. But these pregnancies can result in abdominal bleeding, so quick medical attention is required. Women with chronic physical or mental health issues, congenital heart defects, or other conditions should seek medical attention right away because treatment regimens or medications may need to be changed to safeguard the mother and fetus.

Women have a strong desire to find out if they are pregnant as soon as possible since the beginning of time. The hormones that leave the body through urine change during the first trimester of pregnancy, which is one of the first signs of these changes.

How long should I wait to take a pregnancy test?

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