How Much Weight Should I Gain During Pregnancy Calculator

How much weight will I gain during pregnancy if I weigh 122 lbs?

If you weight 122 lb, you should gain approximately:

  • 25-35 lbs if your weight before pregnancy was within the normal range (BMI 18.5-24.9);
  • 15-25 lbs if before pregnancy you were overweight (BMI 25-29.9);
  • 11-20 lbs if before pregnancy you were obese (BMI 30 and more); and
  • 28-40 lbs if before pregnancy you were underweight (BMI less than 18.5).
  • How to use the pregnancy weight calculator?

    Follow these simple instructions to determine your pregnancy’s healthy weight gain:

  • Enter your height and pre-pregnancy weight into appropriate boxes.
  • The pregnancy weight gain calculator will automatically determine your pre-pregnancy BMI.
  • Mark whether you are expecting twins or not – this will heavily influence your weight gain.
  • Choose the week of pregnancy.
  • The pregnancy weight gain calculator will determine the minimum and maximum recommended weight gain since the beginning of pregnancy – these values are approved by The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. It will also add these values to your initial weight.
  • Additionally, you can examine the graph to the left of the pregnancy weight calculator. It also allows you to see how much weight you should gain during each week of pregnancy and how much it should fluctuate over time.

    First of all, try not to worry too much about weighing yourself every day while pregnant. The daily fluctuations, which are frequently brought on by a large dinner the night before, can be extremely annoying. Its enough to weigh yourself once a week. Never forget to do it at the same time of day, with the same amount of clothing on, or with a different scale. To make sure you are doing well, check your measurements later on the timeline graph below our pregnancy weight calculator.

    What if I gain too much or too little weight?

    If your weight is slightly different from the recommended range, don’t worry. Most likely, your pregnancy won’t result in the “ideal” weight gain pattern. You should be fine once you get close to your goal weight. However, keep an eye out for the following signs, as they could be alarming ones:

  • gaining more than three pounds in one week of the second trimester;
  • gaining more than two pounds in one week of the third semester;
  • gaining no weight at all for more than two weeks in a row during months 4 – 8.
  • Pregnant women who gain a lot of weight run a higher risk of developing certain health issues and experiencing complications during childbirth. For example, they are more likely to have a large baby (macrosomia) with a birth weight of over 4,000 g or 4,500 g and to require a cesarean section. Additionally, they are more likely to struggle to lose the extra weight after giving birth. In addition to back pain and simple discomfort, gaining too much weight may also result in preeclampsia (gestational hypertension combined with proteinuria), premature labor, and difficulty reading ultrasound results.

    Contrarily, if a woman doesn’t put on enough weight and consume enough variety of foods while pregnant, it could harm her developing fetus. As a result, babies are frequently born prematurely or with too little weight at birth. We now know that small premature infants experience more issues in the neonatal intensive care units, making the dangers of gaining too little weight for the infant even greater.

    Do not forget to consult your doctor if you find yourself in any of the aforementioned circumstances!

    Weight Gain During Pregnancy : What to Expect

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