How To Fake A Pregnancy Test Positive Without Urine

Showing the Early Signs of Pregnancy

  • Question How can I use a pillow for my belly when it is not the shape of a pregnant belly? Community Answer I wouldnt recommend using a pillow at all because it will look lumpy and unreal.
  • Question What happens if Im caught? Should I adopt a baby? HumanBeing Top Answerer What happens when anyone gets caught will vary. A young, mentally unstable girl of 14 will be treated differently than a 35-year-old woman who knew exactly what she she was doing. If you fake a pregnancy as a form of fraud, you may be prosecuted. If your life is such that faking pregnancy seems like a good idea, you most definitely shouldnt adopt a child.
  • Question What should I do if my girlfriend is pregnant? Community Answer Be there for her. She needs your support.
  • Don’t let this prank go on for too long. Tell people the truth right after you get a reaction from them. ⧼thumbs_response⧽ Helpful 7 Not Helpful 4
  • Although women typically don’t show until months into your pregnancy, you might arch your back a little to make your stomach look a little more rounded. ⧼thumbs_response⧽ Helpful 6 Not Helpful 4
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  • Faking a pregnancy can cause people to lose trust in you. Additionally, it may lead to negative consequences when people find out it’s a joke. ⧼thumbs_response⧽ Helpful 23 Not Helpful 3
  • Don’t fake medical documents because this may be considered forgery, depending on how far your prank goes. It’s best to play it safe and avoid possible legal repercussions.[14] ⧼thumbs_response⧽ Helpful 6 Not Helpful 4
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    Yes, but over-the-counter hCG wont turn a pregnancy test positive. If you do a search, youll find over-the-counter hCG drops sold online, typically for weight loss. Unfortunately, these products dont actually have any real hCG in them and wont turn a pregnancy test positive.

    • Homeopathic hCG, an herbal mixture created to mimic the same effects of actual hCG on the body, is used in over-the-counter hCG drops.
    • Even if you manage to locate drops with genuine human hCG, the hormone is very diluted and is unlikely to cause a pregnancy test to be positive.
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    How can vinegar make a pregnancy test positive?

    For homemade pregnancy tests, many people have used vinegar.

    The results could be both positive or negative.

    However, there is no concrete research that proves this testing delivers 100% accurate results

    The majority of tests involve combining your urine, vinegar, and tuna oil.

    This mixture will change color, and if it turns orange-yellow, you are pregnant.

    You are not pregnant if the resulting color is greenish.

    Those who support using vinegar to test for pregnancy advise scheduling the test for the morning.

    There is a chance of receiving a false positive, especially if you are taking fertility medication.

    These drugs alter your hCG levels, causing a false-positive result.

    How to Make a Fake Positive Pregnancy Test

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