How To Get Put On Bed Rest During Pregnancy

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When your healthcare provider advises you to limit your activities while pregnant, they frequently refer to this as “bed rest.”

Bed rest, also known as activity restriction, can mean different things to different doctors, from simply getting up every couple of hours to spending the night in the hospital. Activity restriction is still thought to be prescribed in about 20% of pregnancies in the U.S. S. each year. The decision to actually ask you to “put your feet up” ultimately depends on your practitioner.

But that doesn’t mean your doctor won’t ask you to avoid some of your regular activities in order to protect both you and your unborn child. Here is what to anticipate from activity restriction, as well as advice on how to maintain your physical and mental health when you spend less time moving around.

What are the common reasons for bed rest during pregnancy?

For a variety of reasons, your doctor may advise bed rest, but they will always do so with the goal of increasing the likelihood that your pregnancy will be healthy.

Pregnancy complications that could necessitate bed rest are listed below:

The majority of the time, bed rest is used to give the body the best chance to return to normal. In order to reduce stress and lower blood pressure, bed rest will be used with women who have conditions associated with high blood pressure. Bed rest may be advised to reduce vaginal bleeding or lower the risk of an early labor because work, activity, lifting, or exercise can exacerbate or provoke certain situations. Additionally, bed rest might be required to improve blood flow to the placenta.

What Should I Do if My Doctor Prescribes Bed Rest?

Feel free to question your doctors advice. Doctors should be willing to explain their reasoning. Its important to get clear answers.

Things to ask your doctor include:

  • Why are you recommending bed rest?
  • How do you define bed rest? Lying in bed all day? Occasional breaks?
  • Is bed rest really necessary? Are there other options?
  • What are the specific benefits my baby and I will get from bed rest?
  • Do those benefits outweigh the risks?
  • What do the medical studies show?
  • What are some potential problems from bed rest? For my baby? For me?
  • Is there a maternal-fetal medicine specialist we could talk with?
  • Afterward, seek a second opinion or consult a professional if you have any questions. Your physician should clearly explain the need for bed rest to you.

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