How To Stop Morning Sickness In Early Pregnancy

Video: how can I cope with morning sickness?

In this video, a midwife offers suggestions on how to handle morning sickness while pregnant.

Get plenty of rest when you can. Especially if you have to wake up early in the morning, this is crucial. However, avoid napping immediately following a meal as this can make you feel sicker.

In the Evening: For dinner avoid spicy, greasy foods. Prepare bland, flavorless foods with a mild aroma. You may have to avoid cooking for the first trimester.

When getting out of bed in the morning, give yourself plenty of time. If you usually get up at 6:00 a. m. , set your alarm for 5:00 a. m. Keep a supply of crackers or dry cereal by your bed so that you can immediately eat something after waking up. Get out of bed slowly as you start your day.

Most importantly, get plenty of rest so that you can wake up early and start the process over. In the event that you awaken in the middle of the night to use the restroom, try to eat a small snack from your bedside collection.

Prenatal vitamins can worsen morning sickness, primarily due to the additional iron. Before going to bed, combine your prenatal vitamins with a light snack.

How can I relieve morning sickness?

To relieve morning sickness, consider:

  • eating smaller meals more often (include morning and afternoon snacks between main meals)
  • eating a plain cracker shortly after waking up
  • drinking water before and after a meal, rather than with food
  • aiming to drink 8 glasses of water a day
  • avoiding spicy or fatty foods
  • eating protein-rich foods (such as nuts or cheese)
  • avoiding skipping meals
  • Additionally known for reducing nausea and calming an upset stomach are soda (or carbonated) water and ginger/peppermint tea.

    While pregnant, some women are more sensitive to strong food smells. Consider asking for assistance when preparing your food if certain smells bother you. Additionally, you can improve ventilation in your kitchen while cooking by opening windows to eliminate odors from cooking You may find that cold foods are more enticing than hot foods because they produce less odor.

    When you are overtired, nausea may feel worse, so taking frequent breaks for rest or naps throughout the day may help. Other suggestions include:

  • deep breathing or relaxation exercises
  • anti-nausea wristbands (available at most chemists)
  • acupuncture treatments(but only when administered by a qualified practitioner trained in maternal care)
  • Prior to taking any dietary supplement, prescription medication, or over-the-counter medication, especially while pregnant, consult your physician.

    Morning Sickness Remedies with Pregnancy Expert Lori Bregman

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