How To Stop Nausea When Pregnant

Tap into the power of ginger

Ginger can safely and effectively reduce morning sickness-related nausea. But it doesn’t seem to work for vomiting.

Ginger comes in many forms. Pregnant women can consume one gram of ginger supplements daily, three to four times per day. Foods that contain ginger may also help ease nausea. These include ginger ale, ginger lollipops, and ginger tea.

You can also try some self-care care techniques. These can help prevent and relieve morning sickness:

  • Eat several small meals a day. Try eating every 1 to 2 hours. This can keep your stomach from getting empty.
  • Choose foods high in complex carbohydrates. These include whole wheat bread, pasta, bananas, and green, leafy vegetables.
  • Don’t eat greasy and spicy foods.
  • Sip on liquids that are cold, clear, and carbonated in between meals.
  • Keep crackers near your bed. Munch on them before getting up in the morning.
  • Don’t shift positions too quickly.
  • Suck on a peppermint or sniff sliced lemon if an odor bothers you.
  • Try motion sickness or acupressure wristbands.
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    Foods high in vitamin B6Â

    You’ll likely hear a lot about vitamin B6 when you’re first pregnant and for the following nine months. It’s a crucial vitamin for the healthy growth of the brain and nervous system in your unborn child. Â.

    Bonus Tip: Vitamin B6 can also help stop morning sickness!

    When morning sickness and vomiting are at their worst in the early stages of pregnancy, your doctor may advise you to take a vitamin B6 supplement. Salmon, avocados, sunflower seeds, pistachios, chicken, dried fruits like prunes and raisins, bananas, spinach, and lean pork or beef are additional foods that are excellent sources of vitamin B6.

    Tips for controlling extreme nausea during pregnancy

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