How To Wear A Pregnancy Belly Band

Third Trimester Belly Bands

This trimester, it’s all about growing. As you near the end of your pregnancy, your baby will start putting on a pound a week. And baby isn’t the only one changing. You might experience leg cramps, swelling in your ankles and hands, and backaches. Guess what? All of these things can be alleviated by wearing a belly support band just a few hours a day.

Although you don’t want to put too much pressure on your baby as they grow, a belly band’s support can help relieve pressure on your legs and feet (easing cramps and swelling!) and, of course, that support on your back will feel oh-so-wonderful.

Your belly may feel like it is weighing you down as you gain weight (and your baby does, too!) The Upsie Belly is made to provide you with a slight lift, relieving your back and stomach muscles all day long. A pocket created for a hot/cold pack to provide additional relief for your lower back is our favorite feature.

Nine months later, you might be regretting your words about not becoming one of those pregnant women who waddles by the end of their pregnancies. The V-Sling supports your belly and uterine wall, which helps with symphysis pubis, pelvic floor pressure, and other issues that result in that stereotypical waddle, so you can get relief and avoid it.

How To Wear A Pregnancy Belly Band

What is a Pregnancy Belly Band

It is a covering or support for your expanding belly during pregnancy. They come in a lot of different types.

First Trimester Belly Bands

For many future mothers, these three months probably feel like survival mode. Your developing body is putting you through the ringer as you care for that little one through its first few months of life, between morning sickness and exhaustion.

You might not require a belly band on a regular basis during the first few months, but the support can be invaluable occasionally. Here’s what we suggest:

2-in-1 BanditTM This pregnancy belly support band is a wise investment because it also functions as a postpartum hip wrap. It lifts and supports your expanding belly and eases back muscle strain in the process. When your belly really starts to grow toward the end of your first trimester, you might need this band. Particularly if you’re exercising, we advise only wearing it for an hour or two at a time.

How To Wear A Pregnancy Belly Band

How to wear the Baby belly band maternity support belt for back, belly and hip support

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