I Put Too Much Urine On A Pregnancy Test

Don’t Read The Results Too Early

Likewise, avoid reading your pregnancy test results too early. It may appear that the results are showing as your urine passes through the test indicator window, but the test needs time to fully function. Avoid checking the results too soon and adhere as closely as possible to the test’s instructions. Set a timer, if necessary, to alert you, in accordance with the directions, when the results are ready.

Yes, you read that right—pregnancy tests can expire. If you use an outdated test, the chemical it contains might not be able to correctly identify whether you have elevated hCG levels in your body. If you have an expired test, it’s worth purchasing a new test to confirm your pregnancy because an expired test can produce inaccurate results.

Not testing at the right time of day

The main component of a home pregnancy test is your urine. You should be testing with the most concentrated urine you can for the best results. Typically this is the urine that you have in your bladder after sleeping all night, meaning you may want to test first thing in the morning. You can also wait a few hours during the day and then use that urine. Don’t try to drink a ton of fluids to build up your urine — just drink normally or you could dilute the sample.

I Put Too Much Urine On A Pregnancy Test

Can you hold a pregnancy test in urine too long?

There is a misconception that the longer a pregnancy test is left in urine, the more accurate the results will be. While you do want to make sure that the test is fully saturated, it’s crucial to carefully follow the instructions or you could end up with a result that is incorrect.

When using a Natalist pregnancy test, you should urinate on the tip or hold the tip in urine for five to ten seconds, then replace the cap on the test. You should read the results in five to fifteen minutes.

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