Grey’s Anatomy Premiere: Pregnancy Twist Explained

Because it was April’s first day back at Grey Sloan and not three days earlier, Amelia noticed that her period was late as “Both Sides Now” started. Mer questioned Amelia if she was looking for drugs when she saw her ex-sister-in-law in the supply closet looking “super sketchy.” When the newlywed objected, Grey sheepishly said, “I’m supposed to ask if I care, right?” Upon learning that Amelia was expecting, Mer sweetly extended her congratulations… until she discovered that Mrs Hunt wasn’t sure, she was just late. “So this isn’t real,” Grey said. At least Mer was able to show Amelia where the pregnancy tests were kept when she asked her, “I hugged you, and you haven’t even peed on a stick yet?!?” Off that, the prospective mother was just about to speak with Owen when he offered to watch Harriet for Jackson. (And distractions don’t get much bigger or cuter. ).

The prized liver arrived, and Alex begged Mer not to pressure Granny into giving up the organ. “THIS IS FOR THE CHRISTMAS CARD!” Miraculously, it worked. Pierce stated that it may have been for the best that Maggie and Stephanie lost their patient because the joke Edwards would have told him at his request probably would have killed him. Also, his demise freed up a liver for Chelsea. Andrew joked that Jo should have her “self-pity gland” checked because it was “extremely swollen” while he was watching Chelsea get her liver.

greys anatomy season 13 episode 5 recap‘I’M GONNA GET HER’ | While Maggie recruited Stephanie as “the best resident” for a surgery, irritating Jo and Amelia to boot, and Bailey picked Andrew to help her give a grandma a liver transplant (even after he didn’t know what made Miranda Ed McMahon, or even who Ed McMahon was!), Mer continued pushing Nathan away, which, at this point, must be quite a workout. Since Maggie’d told him that their AC was on the fritz, he offered to “share [his] with a colleague in need” — Grey. Though she was tempted — the house was a sweatbox — she turned him down, cracking, “You need a cooling blanket.”

Chelsea, a patient of Mer’s who was admitted with dehydration, experienced complications just minutes into the episode that required a liver transplant. You knew to cue Grey’s confrontation with Bailey in 3, 2… “You try to have one damn day of joy around here!” Miranda sulked before asking Granny to give up her spot on the transplant list to save Chelsea because her twin, Chandler, was pregnant and therefore ineligible to donate her liver. In spite of Bailey’s expectation that the elderly woman would make the necessary sacrifice for the younger woman, Mer and Richard referred to Bailey as an “organ hog” and a “selfish old biddy” after she made the decision to “Screw Her!” ”.

We have apparently known forever that Owen’s greatest desire is to become a father. It certainly appeared as though Amelia was about to fulfill her husband’s dream in Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, which also served as our very early fall preview. (Hell, you can tell just from this picture of him with Harriet, can’t you?) Were the newlyweds really expecting? Read on and find out.

Amelia has a real-life and TV pregnancy

In the fifth season of the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff Private Practice, Amelia Shepherd, played by Caterina Scorsone, learns she is expecting Ryan, who battles addiction. Amelia vowed to get sober after relapsing with her boyfriend. Sadly, Amelia learns her boyfriend overdosed and passed away after their final binge together. She also learns she is pregnant with his child.

It wasn’t just Amelia who was pregnant on Private Practice. Scorsone was pregnant in real-life. According to In Style, when Scorsone got pregnant, Shonda Rhimes wrote her pregnancy into the show. Scorsone even announced her pregnancy the same day that Amelia announced hers on the show. Scorsone shared, “The news came out of left field and I think she decided she could use this for dramatic purposes … As an actress, it never feels like the right time. But once we knew what was happening, we were like, ‘This is perfect.”

This is a show that, if any, ought to have some advice on how to write about pregnancy. After all, just ask Jessica Capshaw, Sarah Drew, or Ellen Pompeo, who are just a few of the celebrities who welcomed children while filming the show. Additionally, “Scandal” executive producer Shonda Rhimes has experience in this area thanks to Kerry Washington. Since there are already so many stories about babies, and you want to diversify things, we recommend omitting this one. Additionally, Amelia and Owen will have plenty of time to start a family when the time is right for them both.

I believe they don’t want to finish the entire story, but I also believe that the last time they mentioned my pregnancy on “Private Practice,” Shonda Rhimes will be lenient with me this time. ”.

The actress, who is portraying this role on her second show after her time on “Private Practice,” revealed while at TCA on Thursday that she is expecting her second child with husband Rob Giles, which is a great start to this story. Their first child, Eliza, was born in July 2012.

The actress expresses some skepticism about the possibility of Scorsone’s pregnancy being incorporated into Amelia’s story (she and Owen recently tied the knot at the end of the previous season):

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