Can Pregnant Women Eat Halibut? Is it a Safe Fish?

Can I Eat Fried Halibut When Pregnant?

In short, yes you can eat fried halibut during pregnancy. But whether you steam, bake, boil, or fry halibut, the same guidelines apply. It’s okay to eat it once a week, but try not to do so more frequently.

Although fried halibut may be tasty, there are other ways to prepare it that will taste just as good and retain more of the fish’s nutritional value.

You may not know that when you fry fish, you are actually decreasing the amount of nutritional benefits in your fish! This is because high heat causes beneficial fatty acids such as EPA and DHA to break down through oxidation (Source: NCBI).

Some tips on healthier halibut (if you’re making it yourself):

  • Instead of frying your fish, try dipping it in coconut milk and rolling it in crushed dried onions, or dried coconut, or a delicious spice mix of flour, smoked paprika, sea salt, and fresh pepper.
  • Bake or broil your fillets – you’ll get a crispy batter on the outside, delicious fish on the inside, and better health benefits overall.
  • If you want to pan-fry your halibut, do so in either peanut oil, canola oil or corn oil. These oils offer better results in terms of the effects of frying on fatty acids (Source: NCBI).
  • We discovered this video by the Stay at Home Chef, which includes a delicious recipe for honey lemon halibut, if you’re looking for ideas on how to prepare fish in a healthy way:

    Ask if they can pan fry or bake the halibut if the restaurant only serves it that way. In today’s increasingly health-conscious society, most restaurants will be happy to comply with those requests as they are healthier alternatives to deep frying.

    Is It Safe To Eat Halibut During Pregnancy?

    Halibut cooked during pregnancy is safe to eat, but moderation is key. Mercury is present in seafood, which is likely the main issue with fish consumption during pregnancy. Related:

    Most adults can consume some amounts of mercury without experiencing any health problems. But, an excess of mercury can cause problems for fetal health. Therefore, if you are pregnant, limit your halibut consumption to 4 ounces or about 113g per week (2).

    What types of fish should you avoid during pregnancy?

    Despite the many advantages of fish, you should avoid a few varieties while pregnant. Some, particularly big, ocean-going predators, have high levels of mercury, which is clearly toxic for babies. Others, particularly those that dwell in contaminated lakes and rivers, may contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which you definitely shouldn’t feed an unborn child or fetus.

    The most recent FDA and EPA recommendations advise against eating any of the following fish while you’re pregnant or nursing, just to be safe:

    Can I Eat Halibut While Pregnant?

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