Can You Use Icy Hot While Pregnant?

Pregnancy can be a time of great joy and anticipation—but also a time of great uncertainty. Expectant mothers often have many questions, including what products are considered safe during pregnancy, such as pain relief rubs containing menthol. It is important to understand the safety of menthol rub when it comes to pregnant women, and to be informed of the potential risks. This blog post will provide a thorough overview of the potential benefits and drawbacks of menthol rub during pregnancy. We will explore research on the topic, and provide guidance on how to determine if menthol rub is right for you. Ultimately, the decision to use menthol rub during pregnancy should be based on informed decisions and the advice of your healthcare provider.

Know when to talk to your OB-GYN

Although back pain is a common complaint during pregnancy, persistent or severe back pain should not be disregarded. A urinary tract infection or even preterm labor can occasionally cause severe back pain. So, consult your doctor if that persistent twinge of pain doesn’t feel normal.

Although back pain and muscle aches are frequent during pregnancy, consult your doctor before using Icy Hot.

Icy Hot may be safe for some pregnant women who don’t have an aspirin allergy, according to some evidence, even though doctors are divided on the subject. This is because it depends on the ingredients.

However, before you turn to Icy Hot, there are other approaches to pain relief and prevention that are safe for use during pregnancy. Keeping your body healthy is important because growing a baby is a big job!

Last medically reviewed on August 28, 2020

The main ingredients in the Vaporub are safe when applied topically: camphor, eucalyptus oil, menthol, and turpentine oil. However, camphor can lead to miscarriage when ingested. Vicks is safe during pregnancy only when used properly.

Try home remedies first, such as: – drinking lots of fluids – getting plenty of rest – using a cold compress for aches and pains – trying saline drops, nasal strips, and steam to help clear sinuses If you still don’t feel better, try pregnancy-safe medications like: – Vicks Vaporub – Tylenol – Sudafed – Robitussin *Follow dosage instructions and consult your doctor, especially in the first few

However, you should take Tylenol as soon as possible and contact your healthcare provider if you experience a fever at any point while pregnant. Fevers increase the risk of birth defects and can be harmful to an unborn child. Try not to worry, but do take measures to lower your fever and adhere to your doctor’s instructions.

There are many medication no-nos, but there are also many accepted options.

Vicks cough syrup is sold under the DayQuil and NyQuil brands. These cough syrups have some ingredients that are safe to use while pregnant and other’s that are not. Alcohol is listed as an inactive ingredient in some NyQuil products which has high potential risks during any stage of pregnancy. You can refer to this chart which explains which ingredients are safe, but it’s best to consult with your health care provider to be sure.

Is Tiger Balm safe to use during pregnancy?

Unfortunately, not enough research has been done to determine whether using Tiger Balm while pregnant is safe. Most businesses will err on the side of caution and advise either not using while pregnant or breastfeeding or seeking medical advice first in the absence of this conclusive evidence.

However, historically, breastfeeding poses fewer risks than pregnancy and very few topical (on the skin) products do.

“Topically, there are very few products which pose problems in pregnancy and breastfeeding… When used appropriately, these things are widely used, safe, and effective – safer than a painkiller in terms of overall risk,” says Rodney Whyte, pharmacist in charge of Monash Medicines Information. ”.

If swallowed and ingested, Tiger Balm’s two main active ingredients, menthol and camphor, can be dangerous.

Another essential oil that should never be consumed while pregnant is clove oil. When consumed in large doses, it can trigger contractions and cause early labor.

During pregnancy, your blood volume increases substantially. This may cause the sinuses to feel congested. If you have the common cold, you might have trouble breathing, especially at night.

Inhaling Tiger Balm is unlikely to do any harm. The cream or gel must not, however, come into contact with mucous membranes like the nose or mouth.


Can you use menthol while pregnant?

That said, there have not been any reports of negative effects on a pregnancy due to menthol use.

Can I use Vicks rub while pregnant?

Is it safe to use vapor rub while I’m pregnant? Yes, vapor rub is safe to use during pregnancy.

Is menthol rub safe during pregnancy?

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