Is Store Bought Kombucha Safe During Pregnancy

It is no secret that pregnant women are often confronted with a minefield of advice and concerns when it comes to their diet. Pregnant women must make informed decisions about the foods they consume and the beverages they drink in order to ensure the health and safety of both themselves and their unborn child. One such beverage that is gaining in popularity is kombucha, a fermented tea-based beverage. While kombucha is often touted for its health benefits, many people are concerned about the safety of store-bought kombucha for pregnant women. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at whether or not store-bought kombucha is safe for pregnant women to consume. We will explore the benefits and risks associated with kombucha consumption during pregnancy, as well as offer tips to ensure that store-bought kombucha is safe for consumption during pregnancy. By the end of this blog post, you will have a better understanding of the safety of store-

How Does Kombucha Help Your Immune System?

Your immune system needs time to recover after giving birth to your child. Even though you shouldn’t consume kombucha while pregnant, doing so afterward may help your body “reset” itself. According to some studies, kombucha has probiotics, antibacterial properties, and can boost your immune system.

The probiotics in kombucha boost your gut health. Since around 70-80 percent of immune cells are within your gut microbiome, drinking kombucha to improve your gut health can also improve your immune system. Kombucha is also high in polyphenols, which promote the growth of some types of healthy bacteria. In short, kombucha improves your immune system by boosting good bacteria and helping to get rid of harmful bacteria.

Kombucha Can Help Keep You Regular

Many women struggle with constipation before and after giving birth, which can be challenging to treat. While laxatives can help, they aren’t something you should rely on, as you can form a dependency on the medication. Fortunately, kombucha has your back! Since the fermented drink can help balance your gut, it can also help you stay regular. A healthy gut is key to the process!

Kombucha May Help Clear Up Acne

Acne is a common issue faced during and after pregnancy – it’s like middle school all over again in some cases! Kombucha contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals used to combat this problem. Antioxidants, B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, and folic acid all have acne-fighting components, and they’re all found in kombucha!


Is store-bought kombucha pasteurized?

Many of the commercial kombucha’s are pasteurized, negating the many health benefits one can derive from the probiotic content in the drink (the heat during pasteurization kills the probiotics found in the kombucha).

How do I know if my kombucha is pasteurized?

If the product label does not mention that the kombucha requires refrigeration, it is a clear tell that they have pasteurized the kombucha. All kombucha brands would of course mention it on the back of their label (if not the front) if their kombucha was unpasteurized and required to be refrigerated.

Is store-bought kombucha safe?

Store-bought kombucha is likely safer than brewing your own, since there’s less of a risk of ingesting harmful bacteria.

Is kombucha pregnancy safe?

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