Itching During Pregnancy: Causes and Treatments

Take a Cornstarch or Oatmeal Bath

Taking an oatmeal or cornstarch bath at home is another natural way to soothe your skin. Both cornstarch and colloidal oatmeal (the kind of oatmeal found in lotions and bath products) have a reputation for soothing irritated skin, so they could both offer some relief. Plus, soaking in a bath sounds pretty nice while pregnant!.

Wearing loose, natural clothing is another quick fix for pregnancy itching. Looser clothing made of fabrics like cotton or linen will keep you cool if you’re trying to stay that way. If you’re too warm, it could lead to more itching.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy?

Itchy Breasts Sign Of Pregnancy

However, beyond just those early stages of pregnancy, there are many more common pregnancy symptoms. To confirm your pregnancy, schedule a visit with your healthcare provider. Consult an OB/GYN, follow any medical advice, and begin your prenatal plan.

How to Get Relief From Itching During Pregnancy

Understanding why itching occurs during pregnancy is certainly helpful, but learning how to stop it is even more beneficial. Fortunately, you can stop most pregnancy itching with the help of the following natural remedies, whether you’re in your first, second, or third trimester. Additionally, if you itch while pregnant at night, these remedies can help soothe and reduce irritability at all times.

The key to preventing itching on your skin or breasts during pregnancy is to stay hydrated and moisturize your skin. Your epidermis may become drier and flakier as your skin stretches and your hormones change, which could cause it to itch. You may find some relief by drinking lots of water and applying moisturizer, cream, or oil to your legs, butt, breasts, or any other area with expanding skin.

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