Itching During Pregnancy Means Boy? Here’s The Truth

Debunked: Itching during pregnancy means it’s a boy

The truth of the matter is that the idea that itching skin during pregnancy means that youre having a boy is nothing more than a well developed old wives’ tale. While dry, itchy skin is a common complaint of pregnancy, the degree to which one experiences said itching has nothing to do with the gender of the child. The American Pregnancy Association notes that the itchiness can be due to your abdomen stretching, or your increased blood supply. There is no scientific evidence available that would point to a male or female pregnancy because your skin is itching more than usual.

There is no more reliable way to determine a person’s gender than to hang your wedding ring from a string over your growing belly and watch which way it rotates. Itching is a symptom of both pregnancy and illness, but does itching while pregnant indicate that the baby is a boy?

Do itchy legs during pregnancy mean I’m having a boy?

Not necessarily. It is a persistent pregnancy myth that women who have itchy breasts or palms will give birth to boys. There are numerous articles on the internet claiming that 60–70% of women with itchy skin will give birth to a boy. However there is not robust medical evidence to support this.

Does itching during pregnancy mean Im having twins? Yes, this could be true. Itchy skin is more common in women carrying two or more babies. Some women believe that itching in early pregnancy is a sign of twins. According to ICP Care (opens in new tab), which supports women with the condition, multiple pregnancies also appear to have a higher risk of developing ICP.

In early pregnancy with twins, I won’t necessarily get hives. A mild, raised skin rash known as hives is more commonly an allergic reaction to food, allergens, insect bites, or chemicals. While itching or rashes are more common in multiple-pregnant women, they are not the same as hives or dermatitis (opens in new tab).

Another baby can determine your baby’s gender.

Have a boy toddler visit your home and spend some time with you. He’s interested in your belly because you’re carrying a girl. But if he shows no interest, it’s a boy.

Think back to your previous child’s first word if this isn’t your first child. If it was “dada,” you’re having a boy. If it was “mama,” expect a girl. If neither “dada” nor “mama” were there, you would need to use a different myth.

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