HBO Max’s ‘House of Ho’ Stars on Emotional Season 2 and Being Free to Share Their Struggles (Exclusive)

Are Judy and Nate from ‘House of Ho’ still together?

For House of Ho viewers who are eager to see Judy and Nates’ relationship succeed, there is good news. The couple is still together!.

Judy revealed to Entertainment Tonight, “I’m excited for everyone to catch up with us. Hopefully, we have a lot of fans from Season 1 that are returning. Now that HBO Max has so many more subscribers, I’m sure will have a lot of new fans, but I’m excited for everyone to catch up with us and what’s going on with our family. I got engaged and I’m going through IVF, and me and Nate are still together.”Article continues below advertisement

She continued by describing her experience becoming pregnant: “[In] Season 1, we weren’t sure what to expect. I wasn’t sure how the editors would cut us. I didn’t know what the reaction would be. However, the feedback I received personally was generally favorable. “Article continues below advertisement.

“What I learned,” she continued, “is that I should just keep being authentic with what I’m going through in my life because I know that there are a lot of other people who can relate and are going through something similar.” Now that I’m a mother, I know that many other moms out there are experiencing the same things I am. ”.

Fans of House of Ho love to see that Judy and Nate’s relationship seems to be one that will endure.

But not everything was fair game in the new season. Nate, Judy’s fiancé, endured an unimaginable tragedy when his three young children, whom he shared with his ex, died in a fatal house fire along with their grandmother last February during winter storm Uri in Sugar Land, Texas. Within the first three episodes of season 2, the tragedy is subtly discussed during an emotional family dinner.

Washington, who is still on his sobriety journey, is going through a bit of a professional crisis as he explores various career options in his 40s. “My No. One job is trying to keep my family stable as a father and husband. And while most people might be reluctant to change careers at the age of 40, I feel like I’m just getting started and I might as well be a 20-year-old trying to find his way and find a career that works for his family,” he said. “The long-term output I would have to put forth to own a dealership didn’t outweigh the time that I could be with my family,” the car salesman’s lifestyle of working weekends and late nights said. “.

“For me, it was sharing my IVF journey because we had our first transplant before we started filming, and it didn’t work out,” The odds were against us by the time we started filming the first episode because we had already heard my heartbeat and were recording every appointment I had. Therefore, I was always concerned that if we received bad news, I would have to express my disappointment in front of others, Judy acknowledged. “By that point, we had been undergoing IVF for almost a year, but the ups and downs were really difficult.” Thankfully everything worked out and now we have a baby. “.

Washington teed up, “Leslie and I are doing great, and I can’t wait for the world to see how great were doing.”

“From the first season, I discussed my divorce because it is strongly frowned upon in Vietnamese culture.” In fact, my parents would not have wanted me to say that on television. They probably would have been ashamed of me for going through that and would have tried to hide it from their friends if we weren’t on the show,” Judy said. “I think the Asian community is always about saving face, showing your best side, and only talking about the positive things. Anything that is not deserving of sharing, they just sweep under the rug,” “.

Nate formally proposes to Judy (again) in the premiere of season 2. Don’t anticipate a television wedding just yet because the couple has a lot going on. The pregnancy is our main concern, and the wedding is uncertain. That’s something to be determined,” Judy added.

In season 2, Washington’s had to get a “real job. Washington revealed that he has “built a music label” in addition to selling cars. I’ve got my real estate team working right now. We’re closing deals, so things are getting exciting. House of Ho releases brand-new episodes every Thursday on HBO Max.

Nate just wanted to take a step back during a conversation with me, Judy said to HollywoodLife. He simply didn’t want to put himself out there because what he was going through was still very new and raw. So you will see him very little in season 2. But when it came to IVF, that was just something we were willing to share because it brought us joy and hope. Since that was something we wanted to emphasize, if anything. ”.

“I think you’ll have to watch to see. I’m on the fence because I don’t think Washington is always doing everything right,” Lesley said. There are times when we both concur, “Yes, let’s do it.” But Judy’s pregnant and my sister is now pregnant, so I’m just having all this baby fever at the same time. And then there are other times when we look back and wonder, “No, what were we thinking?” ”.

Meanwhile, Washington Ho continues to be Washington. After his relapse and a wild trip to Tulum, his marriage to Lesley Ho hit another rough patch. “I was 90% certain that it was over. I clearly recall returning home and genuinely pondering what would occur next. It wasn’t easy,” Washington said.


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