Swollen feet during pregnancy? Try out these 6 remedies to cure the condition

A Simple Fix for Swollen Feet and Hands (and Everything) During Pregnancy

Being pregnant and a few weeks ahead of me, one of the doctors in my practice GETS IT.

Fortunately for me, we scheduled a meeting the same week I took off my wedding band.

I spoke with my legs hanging off the examination table, collecting even more fluid as I said, “It seems like the swelling has started earlier for me this time.” “I drink a lot of water and try to sit with my feet up as much as possible, but it doesn’t really help.” ”.

She smiled. There is one more thing you can try, but it won’t work for everyone and doesn’t help much. ”.

I sat up straighter, crinkling the paper on the table. “What?” I asked.

She claimed that massages “will unquestionably help improve circulation and reduce swelling from edema.”

“Sure, if you can afford it. Or even just request that your partner give you a foot massage each night ”.

Uh…can I get a doctor’s note for that?

Although my husband was already giving me foot massages on a regular basis, this was the first time one of my doctors had advised prenatal massage for a health reason.

I let my imagination get a little carried away.

What if your health insurance provided one prenatal massage for each month of your third trimester, or what if it covered therapeutic massage to treat swollen feet during pregnancy?

What if your doctor’s office had a certified massage therapist on staff who offered 10-minute foot massages while you waited for your OB/GYN appointment?

What if your friends all chipped in for monthly massages rather than leaving your baby shower with three diaper genies, seven copies of Goodnight Moon, and 18 adorable bibs?

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What foot problems can arise during pregnancy?

One problem that can occur is over-pronation. When the arch of the foot flattens and begins to roll inward, this happens. When you walk or even just stand up while supporting your baby, this may cause pain and discomfort in your heels. Another problem is edema, or swelling in the extremities. During pregnancy, this frequently affects the feet, but usually only in the later stages.

Will My Feet Go Back To Their “Normal” Size After Pregnancy?

Usually. Although the fluid-related swelling will go away a few days after giving birth, some women discover that their feet are up to a size larger after giving birth. For that you can blame the hormone relaxin. In order to prepare your pelvic joints for your baby’s trip through the birth canal, relaxin can help.

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