3 Things I Wish My Partner Understood About My Pregnancy

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Pregnancy brings with it so…MUCH. Changes are occurring in all areas of your life, including your emotions, your home, and even your relationship with your partner. According to What to Expect, research demonstrates that partners’ involvement during pregnancy improves the overall experience for new mothers.

Sure, as a parent-to-be, you want to be involved. You’ve read about visiting the doctor, choosing nursery furnishings, and even the advantages of breastfeeding. Can you ever truly comprehend the struggles your partner is facing during these nine months, though?

Well, take a look at this inside info. Here are three key ideas expectant mothers would love for their partners to understand, as well as practical advice you can use to impress your wives:

  • There is a living being inside of me! Yes, sure, you know that at a medical and intellectual level. But emotionally? Well, pregnancy can be wonderful and weird all at the same time. Some women say having a baby inside can feel a bit alien. Others can get happily overwhelmed by the magnificence of growing a baby. Put yourself in her shoes for a moment and think what it would be like if that baby were inside of you. Partner action tip: Show your interest in this amazing experience by feeling the baby when it moves. Talk to your little one. Play music and read to the baby. Ask your partner what she’s using to track the baby’s progress and follow along. Knowing how big the baby is and what’s going on at each stage can help you feel more a part of the journey.
  • Pregnancy hormones really are crazy. One minute your partner is super happy; the next, she’s ready to bite your head off. In truth, this is not how she wants to act. Surges in hormones during pregnancy are the cause for both mood swings and morning sickness. They’re also the reason for her constant trips to the bathroom. She would love to have better control over her emotions. But she doesn’t right now. You’ll just have to get used to it for a while. Partner action tip: Even if you don’t understand, pretend you do. Go along with the ridiculous requests, like ice cream at midnight. Sometimes your partner will just need to vent, so be prepared to listen. Plan a surprise night out so you both can unwind. Hint: Afternoon dates are also great, when she’s less likely to be wiped out.
  • Pregnancy is absolutely and completely exhausting. You’ve probably heard this already. And you may be witnessing it on a daily basis. She’s not being lazy. Pregnancy truly does take a toll on a woman’s body. Know that this is temporary and her energy level should return to normal eventually. Partner action tip: Take a look at what needs to be done around the house and see where you can pitch in. Let your partner nap when she gets home from work and have dinner waiting when she wakes up. No, you’re not the maid, but you’re her partner and she needs this support right now. Other ideas for helping out include:
    • Look up the specifics for enrolling your child in the family’s health insurance plan, and make a note of the deadline.
    • If daycare or a babysitter will be required once your baby joins the family, look into your options for childcare.
    • Offer a shoulder rub or foot massage.
    • Tell your wife that you’ll take care of researching noise monitors if you like gadgets. More of a tool person? Put the crib together. Make a playlist for the delivery room if you enjoy music.
  • Your relationship can develop as you welcome this child into the world when you take these measures to better comprehend what your pregnant partner is going through.

    Pregnancy “Feels” Like You’re Blocking My Path to the Bed

    Things are going to get ugly if you are standing between me and my bed, so you better have mace or some other type of defense.

    While pregnant, I naturally make an effort to get as much sleep as possible, but I have to be honest and tell you that it is never enough.

    Even with this or this… those provide only momentary relief.

    I will hit you and run over anything that prevents me from collapsing into my bed at whatever time of day it is available, even if I sleep 12 hours a night (yeah right) and take a 3-hour nap.

    My body tries to shut down during a diaper change, laundry load, or peanut butter most of the day.

    My Husband DoesnT Understand How Hard Pregnancy Is

    Pregnancy “Feels” Like Your Kids Were Abducted And Replaced

    But all the middle ground stuff?

    When I’m feeling sprite and thin, I may “do” discourage or stop doing certain things, but those things are no longer important to me.

    Instead of getting my Whale Shaped Body off the couch, bed, or floor where it is currently residing, I’d prefer to let that stuff slide for a few months.

    My Husband DoesnT Understand How Hard Pregnancy Is

    You’ll be perplexed as to why the house’s noise level has increased. I’ll employ my tried-and-true methods to get everyone to stop talking.

    But I’ll also send them outside to run around and scream, and hopefully they’ll all be wearing clothes so that nobody passing by sees three or four half-naked (or fully-naked) children screaming in our yard.

    And I feel like that’s okay with me right now.

    My Husband DoesnT Understand How Hard Pregnancy Is

    Strong and happy families have carefully crafted Family Cultures. They don’t let guilt control them; instead, they put all of their time and effort into a few crucial family areas that have a huge payoff.

    Dr. Catherine Monk: Key Relationships During Pregnancy

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